BDS BDS Lift Kit


BDS Lift Kit

Want to lift the front and back ends of your vehicle higher off the ground? When your vehicle is raised with a BDS lift kit, it can perform better in off-road environments. You’ll have more room on your truck for larger wheels and tires. This accessory improves both the style and the performance of your vehicle.

With a lift kit, you can:

  • Increase the ground clearance of your vehicle
  • Install a larger set of wheels to make off-roading easier
  • Give your vehicle a unique look
  • Feel more comfortable while drivingOur BDS lift kits have everything you need to elevate your ride to the next level. These kits can be installed on popular car models like Jeep, Ford, Dodge Ram, and Toyota. You’ll glide down trails and gravel roads when your vehicle has a lift kit installed.If you’re looking to boost the height of your vehicle, invest in a BDS lift kit. These aftermarket accessories are a popular product at our shop. Need help selecting or installing your lift kit? Get in contact with Canada Custom Autoworks today.

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