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Armed Offroad Centre Caps

Price: $30

A centre cap makes your vehicle look classy and customized. They’re an affordable way to add an aftermarket accessory to your vehicle.

Placed over the middle of the wheel, a centre cap is a decorative feature that also serves a practical function. When you’re driving on trails, a centre cap protects the inner components of your wheel (like the wheel bearings and spindle nuts) from getting dirty. If these parts are exposed, they get worn down faster by water, mud, and salt. This causes corrosion and deterioration of your wheels.

The Armed brand is known for making high-quality products that hold up in difficult off-road conditions. With centre caps, you can keep your wheels working harder for longer. Use them to extend the lifespan of your wheels.

We offer these accessories in a variety of colours, including red, blue, grey, and white for just $30 per piece. Our Armed Offroad Centre Caps include the outer ring and medallion. You can choose centre caps that feature the design and colour you prefer.

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