Flowmaster Exhaust Tips


Exhaust Tips

Available in polished stainless steel, Flowmaster exhaust tips clamp onto the end of your exhaust system to make your vehicle look modern and sleek. They’re a popular aftermarket accessory due to their shiny metal design and thick, durable material.

Purchase an exhaust tip to:

  • Upgrade the sound of your engine. The diameter, length, and thickness of your exhaust tip affect how it sounds when your vehicle is running. This product creates a distinct sound due to the angle cut edges and double-walled construction. The double-walled material produces a louder and fuller sound.
  • Assist with ventilation. Exhaust systems serve to remove dangerous gases from your engine. An exhaust tip helps remove gases from the inside of your car.
  • Add stylish flair to your vehicle. Most people purchase this product for the unique appearance it gives your exhaust system. The exterior of this exhaust tip features an embossed Flowmaster logo.
  • Flowmaster is a well-known manufacturer of exhaust technology parts. For decades, they’ve produced high-quality exhaust systems and accessories with unmatched performance and durability.
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