Armed Offroad Armed Level Kit

Armed Offroad

Armed Level Kit

Looking to increase the height of your vehicle? Whether it’s for aesthetic or practical reasons, the Armed Offroad leveling kit has everything you need. 

This Canadian-based manufacturer specializes in innovative and durable designs. Their leveling kit is no different—it allows you to adjust the height of your vehicle for the look and functionality that you desire. 

When the front end of your vehicle is raised to match the back, you’ll have more room to install larger tires. These leveling kits are designed specifically for off-road use. 

The ground clearance of your vehicle is the distance between the road and the underside of your vehicle. With more ground clearance, you can avoid damaging your vehicle due to rocks, sand, and gravel. A leveling kit allows you to boost the front end of your car to prevent dents and chips.

The next time you sit in the driver’s seat, you’ll notice increased visibility due to your higher position. This makes it easier to see over traffic and other obstacles on the road.

Does your car have an uneven front and back end? Use the Armed Offroad leveling kit to bring them to the same height. They’re an affordable way to alter the appearance of your vehicle. 

Interested in purchasing accessories like an Armed Offroad leveling kit?  To request a quote, contact Canada Custom Autoworks today.

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