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Tuff Country Level Kit

Does your truck suffer from a “nose-down” appearance, where the back end is higher than the front? You need the Tuff Country leveling kit to even out both sides. A leveling kit serves three main functions:

  • You can drive from a higher vantage point for increased visibility.
  • With the added height from your leveling kit, you can install larger tires. This is ideal for those who enjoy off-roading in difficult terrains like rocky, muddy, or gravelly areas.
  • Your vehicle will be a consistent height from the front to the back.
    When you’re installing a leveling kit, you need to know that it will remain stable in trying conditions. You can trust the products at Tuff Country; this brand has manufactured aftermarket accessories for over 25 years. Their products feature top-grade steel that’s precisely cut to meet the required dimensions.Looking for aftermarket accessories for your vehicle? At Canada Custom Autoworks, we offer products at competitive prices and unmatched customer support. Inquire about the Tuff Country leveling kit today and we’ll provide you with a quote.

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