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A new set of rims can improve performance, extend the life of your vehicle, and enhance its appearance. At Canada Custom Autoworks-Lloydminster, we offer a wide variety of brand name products to suit any vehicle or budget. Whether you drive a race car or an off-road beater, we have the wheels you need to get that look you’ve always wanted. Part of what makes us unique is our commitment to providing products at unbeatable prices, and customer service unmatched by any other company. Learn more about the tires we offer at Canada Custom Autoworks.

The Canada Custom Autoworks-Lloydminster Advantage

In need of new tires? Canada Custom Autoworks-Lloydminster can give you a top-quality product and more. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to providing customers with a product they love. Many companies refuse to offer anything other than the standard factory-size model. At Canada Custom Autoworks-Lloydminster, we specialize in custom, staggered, and plus-sized fitments—in fact, it’s what we do best.

Our experts are well-equipped with the knowledge to help customers deal with any issue, regardless of their vehicle or budget. Everything we know is from personal experience, so we won’t be reading advice out of a handbook or manual.

Unbeatable Prices

We understand how important it is to customize your vehicle the right way. That’s why we offer all our name brand products at unbelievable prices. Whether you drive a sportscar or a hatchback, we’ll have something to suit your needs. Here are some of our best-selling products:

Off-Road Rims Starting from:

17″ $790 FOR THE SET!

18″ $890 FOR THE SET!

20″ $990 FOR THE SET!




Street Rims Starting from:

16″ $540 FOR THE SET!

17″ $640 FOR THE SET!

18″ $720 FOR THE SET!


20″ $900 FOR THE SET!

22″ $1300 FOR THE SET!

24″ $1500 FOR THE SET!


Brand Name Products for all Vehicles

Whether you’re looking for something smooth and sleek, or robust and tough, we offer a variety of rims for all sizes and fitments, including:

  • ATX Off-Road Series
  • Helo
  • KMC Wheel
  • Velocity Wheel
  • Dolce Wheels
  • Vossen Wheels
  • American Force Wheels
  • Rolling Big Power
  • Pinnacle Wheel
  • Katana Wheels
  • Touren
  • All of your needs in one wheel shop

  • Sales on brand name products

  • Need to replace or repair your rims?

  • Get the change you need with Canada Custom Autoworks-Lloydminster

  • The most reliable dealer in Alberta

  • Unbeatable sales on rims and tires

  • Cheap and affordable products

  • Rims suited for any vehicle

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At Canada Custom Works-Lloydminster, our goal is to provide customers with a long-lasting product they’re proud to show off. With a wide selection of brand name products, we guarantee you’ll find something you love. To learn more about our products, or to request a quote, get in touch with us today!