Jeep Lift Kits in Canada

There are many options for Jeep lift kits in Canada, whether you’ve got a standard Cherokee, Wrangler or any other stock Jeep model. Are you looking to take your Jeep to the next level? Check out some of the best Jeep Lift Kits available at Canada Custom Autoworks!

Rough Country Jeep Lift Kit

If you’re looking for reliable Jeep lift kits in Canada that won’t break the bank, Rough Country Jeep lift kits are the way to go! They aim to provide customers with various lift kits that offer the best quality for the lowest price possible. Give your Jeep the transformation of your dreams with Rough Country’s reliable and affordable Jeep Lift Kits at Canada Custom Autoworks.

Fabtech Jeep Lift Kit

With Fabtech Jeep lift kits, you can enjoy increased ground clearance with great performance off-roading and on paved roads! All systems, including 3” lift and 5” Crawler systems, are designed to maintain comfortable highway rides while offering maximum off-road performance. You can find a wide selection of complete Jeep lift kits for the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK at Canada Custom Autoworks.

BDS Jeep Lift Kit

Not only are BDS Jeep lift kits considered some of the higher-end kits that offer superior performance and quality rides, but they also come with a great warranty and plenty of upgrades and add-ons! With BDS Jeep lift kits, you can confidently drive through aggressive trails and steer through gravel roads with BDS’ no-questions-asked lifetime warranty! For more information on BDS Jeep lift kits, contact tire experts at Canada Custom Autoworks!

ReadyLIFT Jeep Lift Kit

ReadyLIFT offers a variety of lifting solutions for Jeep trucks, including Jeep shocks and Jeep lift kits, in Canada. They are quite popular amongst Jeep drivers as they are designed to offer safe, reliable and stable lift kits for all Jeep models. With the ReadyLIFT Jeep lift kit, you get to choose how many inches you want to raise your Jeep by! Whether you’re installing larger tires for a better off-roading experience or a more aggressive appearance, Canada Custom Autoworks will help you find the right ReadyLIFT Jeep lift kit for your needs!

Buy Now and Pay Later at Canada Custom Autoworks

Don’t worry about finances, as we offer multiple financing options! We proudly serve many communities across Canada and look forward to helping you find the best Jeep lift kit for your vehicle! Visit our nearest tire shop today!