Why are Winter Tires Important in Canada

Winter can be diverse across Canada and can often be unpredictable. While not everyone needs to purchase winter tires, drivers living in certain provinces need winter tires to ensure road safety. If you’re in Alberta, Saskatchewan or British Columbia, you have most probably experienced the harsh Canadian winter in the past. Read on to learn about the importance of winter tires and how to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter season.

Aggressive Tread Pattern

Unlike all-season and all-weather tires, winter tires are manufactured using tread rubber that allows for flexibility in low temperatures. The rubber tread in winter tires is designed to withstand freezing temperatures as it maintains flexibility in the cold and provides the traction you need to accelerate and stop. Winter tires feature deeper tread depths than other types of tires that act as biting edges on ice. They also allow the tire to grip harder on ice, dig deep into the snow and provide ultimate control. These unique tread designs allow winter tires to maintain traction and ensure safe stopping, accelerating, and cornering in all conditions, including snow, ice and slush.

Canada Custom Autoworks

There are many winter tire options available in the market, but they’re not all suitable for your truck. Our experts at Canada Custom Autoworks strongly recommend the following tires as they enhance the performance and aesthetics of your truck!

Michelin X-Ice

While many winter tires are known to have a short life expectancy, the new Michelin X-Ice Snow promises a longer use life and more traction on slippery and slushy roads. Michelin introduced the V-shaped design onto the X-Ice Snow winter tire that offers superior truck traction in almost all extreme winter conditions without compromising the performance on hard-packed surfaces. The best feature of Michelin’s X-Ice Snow tires is that you can install them on all vehicles, including:

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Toyo GSi 6

Toyo’s GSi – 6 is another excellent choice for your next set of winter tires, as it provides light trucks and SUVs with powerful traction and unbeatable comfort. The unique silica compound paired with the aggressive tread design allows for exceptional deep snow performance. Engineered using microbit technology, the ground walnut shells on the GSi – 6 are added to bite into the snow and provide firm traction.

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