Canada Custom Autoworks is proud to carry the following brands:

American Force Rims

Get on the road with force – American Force. These made in North America wheels come in a variable of different styles. The durable variety we have in stock are all made of cast aluminum, and can be used on several different types of trucks.

American Force is a small, family-owned company. That’s great news in the world of aftermarket rims – it means care and consideration is put into every single wheel they create. We’re proud to bring this trusted brand to customers in Canada; no matter what your fitment, we’ve got an American Force wheel that will suit your needs.

American Racing Rims

Founded in 1956, American Racing is one of the best known, most legendary wheel manufacturers. As the creator of the Torq Thrust wheel, true to their name, American Racing secured their legacy in the world of drag racing – and racing at large.

The brand is now owned by Wheel Pros, along with other brands like KMC, Moto Metal, and XD. That means you can expect consistent support and quality from American Racing.

With the wide variety of American Racing wheels we’ve got in stock, there’s sure to be something for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to soup up an old muscle car, or you need some new rims for your pickup, you can count on American Racing for quality and style.

Armed Offroad Rims

Looking for rugged, durable rims you can use when you take your truck off-roading in the Canadian wilderness? Look no further than Armed Offroad.

Armed is one of the newest wheel manufacturers in the game. Their Offroad series is designed for off-roading – these rims are stylish and practical.

We’re one of the biggest distributors of Armed Offroad rims on the Canadian market – we offer a variety of styles for all kinds of different fitments. If you want to improve your off-roading experience, get armed and ready with Armed Offroad rims.

Armed is a new company, and we’re expecting great things from them. Keep checking back for new rims as Armed expands their inventory!

Armed Street Rims

Looking for some beautiful, new rims for your muscle car? Want to soup up your coupe? Add some flair to your sports car?

You can’t go wrong with Armed Street rims. They are designed with Canadian roads in mind – you can use these rims in the scorching summer heat or on freezing cold roads.

And true to their name, they’re designed for the road. These rims come in a wide variety of styles and fitments, so no matter what you want to take out on the road, there are Armed Street rims for you.

We have one of the widest assortments of Armed Street rims available in North America. Armed is a new company, and we love what they’ve been producing, so as they continue to develop new rims, our stock will update. Check back often.

Asanti Rims

In the world of rims, Asanti is synonymous with luxury. As one of the top brands of the Wheel Pros family (which includes American Racing, KMC, and XD), you can expect quality, service, and great guarantees when you buy Asanti.

We have a wide selection of Asanti wheels available, suitable for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whatever you’re driving, we have an Asanti rim for you. We can also help you with special orders if you’re looking for a more customized rim. Our expert installers will do all the work for you – all you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy your new luxury rims.

ATX Series Rims

From the legendary American Racing comes the ATX Series, featuring bold designs that verge away from the more classic fare that American Racing is known for.

What hasn’t changed, however, is the quality. These rims will look amazing on muscle cars and sports cars, and they’re built to last. American Racing is part of Wheel Pros (who also own Asanti, KMC, and XD), which means you can expect quality from the ATX Series – as well as the great guarantees that Wheel Pros can offer.

We have a variety of different ATX rims in stock – they’re great all-weather rims, and they’ll do well in the scorching heat or blistering cold. Improve the look and feel of your ride with new ATX rims installed by Canada Custom Autoworks.

Black Rhino Rims

From legendary wheel manufacturer TSW comes Black Rhino – durable, lightweight, and great looking rims designed with off-roading in mind. Whether you’ve got a truck, an SUV, or even a van you’ve converted, Black Rhino has wheels for you.

And we’ve got a huge variety of Black Rhino rims in stock – we really love what this company has to offer. With sizes ranging from 15” to over 20”, we’re sure to have a Black Rhino rim that will work perfectly with your vehicle. And with the incredible variety of styles Black Rhino has to offer, we’ll have one that suits your aesthetic, too.

And if quality, durability, and style weren’t enough to sell you on these rims, how about conservation? Black Rhino wants to protect their namesake, and a portion of all of their sales go towards rhino conservation. Tough and caring? That’s what we love to see.

Cali Offroad Rims

Cali Offroad rims are created by The Wheel Group, a company with over 50 years of experience in aftermarket rims. The Wheel Group makes tires too, so they know their way around a wheel. That means you can expect quality from Cali Offroad.

And true to their name, Cali Offroad rims are designed for off-roading. Their claim to fame is, as their website puts it, their “radical sizing”. That means we’ve got some pretty huge wheels by Cali in stock, ranging from 20” all the way to 26”.

These rims are designed to endure rugged terrain – and they look incredible, too. They’re manufactured to have incredibly high load ratings, so you can go off-road and haul, all with one set of Cali Offroad wheels.

DUB Rims

Does DUB still stand for double dime? It might, but nowadays, DUB is making wheels that go way over their 20” namesake. These rims look incredible on the SUVs they became famous on, but you can use them on trucks, too.

DUB is owned by MHT (who, as you may not know, were recently purchased by Wheel Pros). MHT creates some pretty incredible rims – including Foose, Fuel, Niche, and Rotiform. That means that when you buy DUB rims, you’re getting the support and guarantees that only a large luxury rim manufacturer can offer.

We offer a huge assortment of DUB rims – they’re all high-quality, stylish, impressive looking rims. Soup up your SUV with DUB!

Foose Rims

If you’ve ever seen Overhaulin’ – maybe that’s even what got you into custom cars – then you know Chip Foose. And, as you can guess, he’s the man behind Foose Rims.

These rims are perfect for restorations and classic cars – the kind of rides you’ve come to expect to be customized by Chip Foose. They’re incredibly stylish, and they come in all kinds of sizes and styles to suit all types of different cars.

Foose is owned by MHT – they make DUB, Fuel, Niche, and Rotiform rims, too. That means you can expect high-quality rims with great guarantees – the kind of things that only a large, well-established rim manufacturer can offer.

With our wide variety of Foose Rims, you’re sure to find something that suits your custom car.

Fuel Rims

If you’re looking at rims for your truck or SUV – especially if you love off-roading – Fuel may be the first brand that comes to mind. Function is the cornerstone of Fuel’s philosophy, and whether you have a stock or lifted vehicle – or even a trophy truck – Fuel has the rims for you.

When we say function, we’re talking about one function in particular – off-roading. These rugged rims are designed to take you where no one else can go. If you have aesthetics on your mind, though, don’t worry – Fuel rims look as good as they perform.

Fuel is owned by MHT – who, in turn, are owned by Wheel Pros. That means you have a huge company backing your wheels. It means faster production for custom rims, great guarantees, and a ton of support for whatever your next off-roading customization project might be.

We have a huge variety of Fuel rims available for all kinds of fitments and styles. We’re sure to have something that will suit your needs.

Helo Rims

With Helo rims, two words come to mind: diversity and luxury.

Diversity, because Helo makes rims for all kinds of different fitments. Whether you’ve got a stock or lifted truck, or even a passenger vehicle, Helo has rims that are going to improve vehicle performance, all while looking stylish.

Luxury, because Helo rims all come with incredibly stylish finishes – chrome and matte black all around, here. These rims also come in all kinds of striking styles. We don’t always throw the word “elegant” around for truck rims, but it might be the perfect word for Helo.

So if you’re looking to elevate how your vehicle looks, we highly recommend Helo rims. They’re owned by Wheel Pros, who also own excellent brands like American Racing, KMC, and XD. That means you’ve got a large company with decades of experience in the world of rims backing your new wheels.

KMC Rims

KMC is one of the most experienced manufacturers on the market, with over 30 years of experience. They offer cast and forged rims that are designed with all kinds of vehicles in mind – from off-roading in your Jeep to cruising in your street car, KMC has a rim for you.

They’re owned by Wheel Pros, who own brands as diverse as American Racing, Helo, and XD (among many others). That means you have a huge manufacturer of aftermarket rims backing your purchase. You can expect great guarantees and a ton of after sales support with Wheel Pros.

You can get huge improvements to performance with KMC rims, but that’s not all – these rims are also incredibly unique and stylish, sporting a variety of colours that you won’t see from many other manufacturers.

Moto Metal Rims

Moto Metal makes rims for trucks and SUVs. Those are big vehicles, and Moto Metal goes big too, with some of the most outlandish designs you’ll see. Whether you’re looking for black or chrome wheels, Moto Metal offers some fierce designs. Now that’s metal!

Moto Metal is part of the Wheel Pros family – they make everything from American Racing and Asanti to Helo and KMC. That means you’ve got one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry backing your Moto Metal rims. Great guarantees, excellent support, and quick customization are what you get.

While the most striking thing about Moto Metal rims are the aesthetics, they can improve your truck or SUVs performance, too.

Niche Rims

True to their name, Niche rims are – well, a little niche. They’re part of the MHT family – who also make DUB, Fuel, and Rotiform. Niche rims are made in North America, and with MHT behind them, you can expect consistent quality and great guarantees.

So what’s this about Niche rims being niche? Well, for starters, they don’t make rims for big trucks – almost all of their supply is made for cars. Whether you’ve got a pretty standard passenger vehicle, or a muscle or sports car, Niche rims will elevate the look of your ride.

They’re also niche because they come in an array of colours and styles that you just don’t see on too many rims. They’ll definitely add a unique look to your vehicle, and we’re sure to have something that suits your needs in stock.

OE Creations Rims

OE Creations is a part of the Wheel Pros family. Wheel Pros owns brands like American Racing, KMC, and XD. In other words, OE Creations is backed by one of the biggest manufacturers of aftermarket rims in the world. You can expect high-quality, durable rims, with great guarantees.

So what makes OE Creations wheels so special? For one, they have a huge array of different rims. They’re all chrome, black, or chrome and black, but the colours aren’t what’s special here – it’s the styles. From elegant and simple to highly complex patterns, OE Creations can be subtle or bold – it’s all up to you.

Rotiform Rims

If you’re looking for quality, Rotiform is the name. Though the company is just over a decade old, they’ve proven themselves on the market with some of the most well designed, beautifully engineered wheels on the market.

Rotiform is part of MHT, one of the biggest manufacturers in North America. That means you’re getting quality parts that are 100% designed, engineered, and made in North America – pretty impressive in this day and age.

These wheels are designed with all kinds of cars in mind – you can use them on standard passenger vehicles, or soup up your muscle or sports car. Whatever you’re looking to improve, you can count on Rotiform for better performance, and some of the most eye-catching styles available on the market.

TIS Rims

TIS stands for Twenty Inches Strong, so right off the bat, you know what you’re getting with TIS rims. These guys go big – much bigger than the 20” of their namesake. These are rugged, expertly designed wheels meant for off-roading.

These are lightweight, durable wheels, and they come in chrome, black, and even red. They’re made of aluminum, which makes them perfect for tackling even the most challenging off-road obstacles. They’re perfect for trucks and SUVs.

TIS rims look great, too, with some of the most outstanding spoke patterns we’ve seen on the market for off-roading rims. All in all, we’re delighted by the quality and consistency of TIS – and we think you will be too.

TSW Rims

TSW is one of the most legendary manufacturers of rims on the planet. You might know them as Tiger Sports Wheels. They’re focused on making aftermarket wheels that improve performance.

In fact, TSW was started by a racing driver, Eddie Keizan. That gives you an idea of what TSW is focused on – wheels designed to make your car move better. With lightweight aluminum alloys and wheels created to fit all kinds of fitment, if you want a smoother ride, TSW has the rims for you.

TSW has done so well in the aftermarket wheel space that they now have several brands under their umbrella, including Black Rhino. They’re one of our favourite manufacturers, and if you try their wheels, we’re sure they’ll be one of yours, too.

U.S. Mags Rims

The venerable U.S. Mags was founded in the 1960s by legendary racer, Parnelli Jones. That gives you an idea of what to expect from the company: classic rims, designed to improve the performance and look of your vintage car – and they look great on newer muscle and sports cars, too.

Nowadays, U.S. Mags is part of MHT – makers of Foose, Fuel, Niche, and Rotiform (among many others). That means that, true to their name, U.S. Mags wheels are made in North America. We’ve seen consistent quality out of the MHT factory, and U.S. Mags wheels are no exception. They look great, they’re durable, and they perform extremely well.

So if you’re doing a restoration on a vintage car, we highly recommend you take a close look at what we’ve got in stock – you’ll be glad you did.

XD Rims

If you’re looking for some of the most rugged, high-quality wheels for your truck or SUV, you can’t go wrong with the XD Series. These rims are bold, designed to stand out and perform. And XD has been around for over two decades – that means you’re getting modern rims created by an experienced manufacturer.

What’s more, XD is a part of industry behemoth, Wheel Pros. That means every set of XD wheels you buy is backed by a company that can put out quality, custom wheels quickly. You’re going to get great guarantees, and fantastic ongoing support for your new rims.

So whether you’re looking to go off-roading, or just looking to turn some heads on the road, XD Series rims are just the thing. As an off-shoot of KMC, you know you’re getting quality – and we know you’re going to love what we have in stock for you.