General Grabber Arctic

General Grabber Arctic 2

General Grabber Arctic

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Studdable winter tire for light trucks and SUVs in LT-metric sizes.


-A durable, innovative, light truck studdable winter tire with outstanding low temperature traction in snow, ice and wet conditions.

-Confident stability, even wear and responsive handling

-Symmetrical Pattern

-Snow Traction Ridges


-Stepped Reinforcement Bars

-Tread Block Reinforcement Buttress

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LT225/75 R 16, LT225/75R16 R 16, LT245/75 R 16, LT245/75R16 R 16, LT265/75 R 16, LT265/75R16 R 16, LT245/70 R 17, LT245/70R17 R 17, LT245/75 R 17, LT245/75R17 R 17, LT265/70 R 17, LT265/70R17 R 17, LT265/70 R 18, LT265/70R18 R 18, LT275/65 R 18, LT275/65R18 R 18, LT275/70 R 18, LT275/70R18 R 18, LT275/65 R 20, LT275/65R20 R 20


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