How to Choose the Right Rims For Your Vehicle?

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Upgrading your rims and tires is a long-term investment that should typically last you for three or four years, so it’s important to choose the right rims and tire package for your car. While some drivers upgrade their rims and tires separately, a financially smarter approach would be purchasing rims and tires packages that suit your needs. Read on to learn more about the different rims available!

Types of Wheels and Rims

Steel or Alloy?

Typically, there are two types of wheels and rims available on the market: steel and alloy wheels. You are more likely to see steel wheels on the road as they are much more affordable than alloy wheels and offer superior durability and excellent performance in Canada’s harsh winter conditions. Many hardworking vehicles like police cars and hauling trucks run on steel wheels as they’re durable enough to withstand running over curbs or on rugged terrain. Unfortunately, steel wheels aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing option, but if you’re looking for function over form, steel wheels are the way to go.

On the other hand, alloy wheels are extremely stylish and come in various trendy designs! They allow you to customize your vehicle as you please as they feature a variety of colours and designs. Alloy wheels also offer excellent fuel economy as they’re lighter in weight compared to steel wheels. While steel wheels can put additional strain on your vehicle’s suspension, alloy wheels don’t have that problem, giving you better handling and optimal acceleration.

Note: There are other wheel materials on the market, like carbon fibre, but they are costly as they’re manufactured by hand. These wheels aren’t designed to handle the conditions of day-to-day driving and are primarily found in race cars or niche vehicles.

Forged or Cast Wheels?

Most wheels on the market are manufactured by pouring molten aluminum into a wheel-shaped mould. These are called cast wheels and are the most affordable option on the market as the process is less expensive and quick to execute. Alternatively, forged wheels are manufactured from a solid block of billet aluminum and are then shaped into a wheel form and pressurized to add strength to the wheels. Once they’re ready, they are machine cut into the final wheel design.

Compared to cast wheels, forged wheels are more robust, significantly lighter and more expensive. Cast wheels will get the job done if you’re looking for wheels and rims for your day-to-day commute, but if you’re looking for aesthetics and design, then forged wheels are the optimal choice.

Finish Options

Whether you choose steel, alloy, forged or cast wheels, you can choose practically any colour imaginable for your wheels. With that said, it’s important to note that the type of finish you choose will heavily influence the care and maintenance of your wheels. Chrome finishes, for instance, are the most difficult finish to take care of as it’s incredibly bright and requires regular care to keep up the shine. They are also easily damaged by road grime, salt and chemicals on the road, so choose wisely. However, painted wheels require much less care and maintenance as they’re meant to be very durable and withstand your day-to-day driving conditions. You can also opt for an extra layer of corrosion resistance clear coat to battle the salt and chemicals on the road.

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