Turn Heads with TIS Wheels from Canada Custom Autoworks

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If you’ve been searching for new wheels to elevate the style and performance of your vehicle, look no further than TIS Wheels from Canada Custom Autoworks. As fellow automotive enthusiasts, our team understands that your car or truck is more than just a transportation solution; it reflects your unique personality and a dedicated hobby. That’s why Canada Custom Autoworks proudly stocks a wide selection of TIS Wheels. Below we’ll tell you more about TIS Wheels and explore some details of their TIS 544 wheel model. Keep reading to find out more about these incredibly durable and stylish wheels!

A Closer Look at the TIS Legacy

Established in 2001, TIS Wheels is relatively new to the world of aftermarket wheels. However, that hasn’t stopped them from quickly growing in popularity! Unlike some of their competitors, TIS Wheels has remained competitive in the aftermarket industry because they take customers’ feedback extremely seriously. With an ear to customers’ needs, TIS Wheels has worked hard to rise above the competition, and it shows in their high-quality and durable aftermarket products! At Canada Custom Autoworks, we stock a comprehensive inventory of TIS Wheels for almost every car and truck enthusiast. Below we’ll take a closer look at one of TIS Wheels’ off-roading models– the TIS 544s.

Off-Roading On Chrome; TIS Wheels Make it Possible

Chrome looks incredible on almost any vehicle; however, a lot of upkeep is required to maintain that brilliant shine and stunning look chrome wheels offer. Luckily, TIS Wheels has you covered with their TIS 544 full chrome wheels. By using cutting-edge technology, the TIS 544Cs are cast from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, making them incredibly durable and truly a head-turning wheel. Moreover, this high-quality manufacturing and base material ensures that these TIS Wheels will give you all the benefits and beauty of chrome wheels without the additional upkeep. That means, when you’re enjoying your next off-roading adventure, you can go full-tilt without worrying about all of the wheel upkeep you’ll have to do at the end of the day.

TIS Wheels and More

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we pride ourselves on being your Western Canadian source for TIS Wheels and more! We offer a wide range of colours, styles, designs, and sizes, and we encourage you to check out your nearest Canada Custom Autoworks location or our online shop to see our full range of TIS Wheels. Furthermore, at Canada Custom Autoworks, we are factory direct, which means we can immediately get your next set of TIS Wheels into our in-house shops!

In addition to our inventory of TIS Wheels, we also offer a variety of high and low-offset wheels, off-roading tires, package deals, accessories and more! So regardless of what wheels, tires, or accessories you need to customize your ride, Canada Custom Autoworks is here to help you find the right fit for your vehicle!

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We take our distribution partnerships seriously here at Canada Custom Autoworks, so we only stock top-quality aftermarket products. Our offering of custom wheels and rims is unmatched across Western Canada, and our fitment specialists are ready to assist you in finding the right rims and tires at the right price. Visit Canada Custom Autoworks at one of our 11 locations or contact us to learn more about our inventory of TIS Wheels today!