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When shopping for new tires for your truck or SUV, you probably came across Michelin AT2 tires. As you already know, Michelin is one of the most popular quality tire brands and is well known for its tread longevity, high-quality tires and superior performance on both paved roads and rough off-road terrain. With that said, is the popular Michelin AT2 all-terrain tire suitable for your truck or SUV? Read on to learn about the different types of tires available and whether the Michelin AT2 tire is the one for you!

Your Guide to Different Types of Tires for Trucks and SUVs

Before purchasing any brand of tires, you must first ensure that you’re purchasing the right tires for your vehicle’s needs. For those who drive larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, you would most benefit from tires that can withstand the different terrain you’re driving on. The type of tires you choose will depend on your driving style, car usage and location, so it’s important to speak to an experienced fitment specialist before purchasing your next set of tires.

All-Terrain/ Mud-Terrain Tires

SUV and truck drivers who like to go off-roading every once in a while or tend to drive on uneven surfaces will significantly benefit from installing a set of all-terrain tires. These can help you navigate difficult terrain easily without sacrificing comfort. Since all-terrain tires are designed with complex tread patterns, they are able to support your vehicle when off-roading in gravel, sand or dirt. For those who tend to drive in less solid terrain, mud-terrain tires are designed for just that; muddy terrain.

Note: Before considering mud-terrain tires, make sure that you have a second set of tires for regular driving conditions, as mud-terrain tires are only suitable for less-solid terrain.

A great example of all-terrain tires is the Michelin LTX AT2. The jagged tread pattern of Michelin Biting Edges delivers increased traction on rugged terrains such as mud, gravel, dirt and light snow. The Michelin AT2 tires also provide better fuel economy, reduced CO2 emission and longer tread life through its Advanced MaxTouch Construction, which offers lower rolling resistance and a unique footprint shape. If you’re looking for comfort, durability and traction, Michelin AT2 tires are the way to go!

Highway Tires

Despite your vehicle’s mass, highway tires are designed to create an even and smooth ride for your truck or SUV at increased speeds on paved roads. They are designed with tread patterns that support the wear and tear that the tires might face, as well as provide excellent traction during all seasons. Most highway tires offer all-season versatility and good fuel economy for long commutes at high speeds.

Note: Even though highway tires are engineered to handle light snow and wet roads, they are not designed with aggressive tread patterns that can handle Canada’s heavy snow and ice!

For smooth highway drives and safe rough terrain drives, the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T is an excellent set. It’s designed with tread patterns that look not only aggressive but also ensure superior performance on different terrains. Compared to other hybrid tires, the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T offers exceptional comfort and performance on roads and highways! It’s also a popular option for those regularly towing or carrying heavy loads, as they’re engineered to offer a great blend of control and power. With the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T, you will experience a whole new level of comfortable driving experience.

Not sure what tires you need? Check out Michelin Or Venom Tires Blog or visit our nearest tire shop to speak to an experienced fitment specialist!

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