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* New tread compound formula
* Wide tread design
* High ratio of straight sipes
* Optimized pitch sequence shoulder block design
* Perfectly distributed lug type pattern with thin tread sipes


* Reduces rolling resistance, decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
* Increases road contact maintaining safe ride and enhances wear resistance
* Reduces rolling resistance and noise
* Offers outstanding control at high speed
* Enhanced traction on wet roads

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Sizes & Specifications

Size Load Rating Speed SKU
195/65R15 91 H 1956515HD668
205/50R16 91 V 2055016HD668
205/55R16 91 V 2055516HD668
215/50R17 95 V 2155017HD668
215/55R17 94 V 2155517HD668
215/60R16 99 H 2156016HD668
215/65R16 98 H 2156516HD668
225/55R17 97 V 2255517HD668
225/60R17 99 H 2256017HD668
225/60R18 100 V 2256018HD668
225/65R17 99 V 2256517HD668
235/50R18 101 V 2355018HD668
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