Sizes & Specifications

Size Load Rating Speed SKU
195/45R16 84 V 1954516HD921
205/40ZR17 84 W 2054017HD921
205/50ZR17 93 W 2055017HD921
215/35ZR18 84 W 2153518HD921
215/45ZR17 87 W 2154517HD921
215/50ZR17 95 W 2155017HD921
225/30ZR20 85 W 2253020HD921
225/30ZR22 87 W 2253022HD921
225/35ZR20 93 W 2253520HD921
225/40ZR18 92 W 2254018HD921
225/45ZR18 95 W 2254518HD921
235/30ZR22 90 W 2353022HD921
235/35ZR19 2353519HD921
245/30ZR24 2453024HD921
245/35ZR19 93 W 2453519HD921
245/35ZR20 95 W 2453520HD921
245/40ZR18 97 W 2454018HD921
245/45ZR20 103 W 2454520HD921
255/30ZR22 85 W 2553022HD921
255/30ZR24 97 W 2553024HD921
255/35ZR20 97 Y 2553520HD921
255/45ZR18 103 W 2554518HD921
265/30ZR22 97 W 2653022HD921
265/35ZR22 102 W 2653522HD921
265/40ZR22 106 W 2654022HD921
275/25ZR24 2752524HD921
275/40ZR20 106 W 2754020HD921
275/45ZR20 110 W 2754520HD921
275/55ZR20 117 V 2755520HD921
285/50ZR20 116 W 2855020HD921
295/25ZR22 2952522HD921
305/35ZR24 112 W 3053524HD921
305/40ZR22 112 W 3054022HD921
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