Sizes & Specifications

Size Load Rating Speed SKU
205/45ZR16 87 W 2054516HD927
205/50ZR17 93 W 2055017HD927
215/40ZR17 87 W 2154017HD927
215/40ZR18 95 W 2154018HD927
215/45ZR17 91 W 2154517HD927
215/45ZR18 2154518HD927
215/50ZR17 95 W 2155017HD927
225/35RZR20 93 W 2253520HD927
225/40ZR18 92 W 2254018HD927
225/40ZR19 92 W 2254019HD927
225/45ZR17 94 W 2254517HD927
225/45ZR18 95 W 2254518HD927
225/50ZR17 2255017HD927
235/30ZR20 88 W 2353020HD927
235/35ZR19 (Staggered) 91 W 2353519HD927
235/40ZR18 95 W 2354018HD927
235/45ZR17 2354517HD927
235/45ZR18 2354518HD927
235/55R19 105 V 2355519HD927
235/60R18 2356018HD927
245/30ZR20 90 W 2453020HD927
245/35ZR19 93 W 2453519HD927
245/40ZR18 97 W 2454018HD927
245/40ZR19 98 W 2454019HD927
245/40ZR20 2454020HD927
245/45ZR18 100 W 2454518HD927
255/35ZR18 94 W 2553518HD927
255/35ZR20 97 Y 2553520HD927
255/55R18 109 V 2555518HD927
265/30ZR19 (Staggered) 93 W 2653019HD927
265/35ZR22 102 W 2653522HD927
265/35ZR18 97 W 2653518HD927
265/40ZR21 105 W 2654021HD927
265/45ZR21 104 W 2654521HD927
265/50ZR20 111 W 2655020HD927
275/25ZR26 98 W 2752526HD927
275/40R19 105 W 2754019HD927
275/40ZR22 107 W 2754022HD927
285/35ZR22 106 W 2853522HD927
285/45R22 114 V 2854522HD927
295/30R24 105 V 2953024HD927
295/30ZR26 107 W 2953026HD927
295/35ZR21 107 W 2953521HD927
315/35ZR20 3153520HD927
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