Maxxis AP3 SUV

Sizes & Specifications

Size Load & Speed Rating Part Number Price
TP00180400 96H 205/70R15
TP00225900 92W 215/50R18 -
TP00180600 96V 215/60R17 -
TP00190400 100H 215/70R16 -
TP00251400 102V 225/55R18 -
TP00225700 99W 225/55R19 -
TP00193500 104W 225/60R18 -
TP00225600 99W 235/45R19 -
TP00226000 101W 235/50R18 -
TP00225800 103W 235/50R19 -
TP00219700 103V 235/55R17 -
TP00219800 104V 235/55R18 -
TP00219500 105W 235/55R19 -
TP00180000 107W 235/60R18 -
TP00199600 108V 235/65R17 -
TP00219600 102W 245/45R19 -
TP00219400 104W 255/45R19 -
TP00219900 105W 255/45R20 -
TP00232300 107W 255/50R19 -
TP00218300 109W 255/55R18 -
TP00219000 111W 255/55R19 -
TP00193700 112W 255/60R18 -
TP00218400 108W 265/45R20 -
TP00226700 110W 265/50R19 -
TP00193600 114W 265/60R18 -
TP00199700 112V 265/65R17 -
TP00226600 112W 285/45R20 -
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