Nitto NT420V



  • The eye-catching asymmetrical tread pattern creates two distinct zones for both dry handling and wet performance, while also enabling cross-rotation for longer tread life. The result is a high-performance, attention-grabbing tire that is a great choice year-round.
  • Large outer tread blocks increase the amount of road contact surface area, improving cornering grip and performance in dry conditions.

  • The tread’s non-directional design allows for cross rotation for more even wear and a longer tread life. *Consult your tire retailer on the appropriate rotation pattern for your vehicle.
  • REDUCED NOISE - Asymmetric sipe and groove count combined with a variable pitch tread block design work together to reduce annoying noise frequency peaks.

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Sizes & Specifications

Size Speed / Load
265/45R20 108V
265/50R20 111V
275/40R20 106W
275/45R20 110V
275/55R20 117H
275/60R20 116H
285/40R20 108V
285/50R20 116V
295/45R20 114V
305/50R20 120H
LT305/55R20 125/122S
315/35R20 110W
LT325/50R20 124S
265/35R22 102V
265/40R22 106V
275/35R22 104W
275/40R22 107V
275/45R22 112V
275/50R22 111H
285/35R22 106W
285/40R22 110W
285/45R22 114H
295/30R22 103V
305/40R22 114H
305/45R22 118H
LT305/50R22 124/121S
315/30R22 107W
LT315/45R22 121/118S
325/35R22 114W
305/40R23 115H
285/35R24 108V
295/35R24 110H
305/35R24 112H
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