Open Country MT


Open Country MT

Designed for enthusiasts who require extra ground clearance, load-carry capacity and off-road capability. As an added bonus it also provides great on-road performance.

The Open Country M/T incorporates new production technology along with Toyo’s award winning DSOC II Technology. What this means for you is levels of uniformity and durability unmatched by other mud terrain tires. This advanced balance and construction strength provides uncompromised control. Combined with an enhanced look for added style, the Open Country M/T makes any light truck look better!

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Wheel Type

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Sizes & Specifications

Size Load Rating Speed SKU
LT 33×12.50R22 E 109 Q 360520
LT 35×12.50R20 E 121 Q 360240
LT265/70R17 E 121 Q 360130
T275/65R18 E 123/120 P 360620
LT285/70R17 E 121/118P P 360650
LT33x12.50R20 E 114 Q 360330
LT35x12.50R17 121 Q 360310
LT35X12.50R18 E 123 Q 360090
LT35x12.50R22 E 117 Q 360540
LT37x13.50R20 121 Q 360220
LT37x13.50R22 E 123 Q 360210
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