Michelin Pilot Super Sport


Pilot Super Sport

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Sizes & Specifications

205/45ZR17/XL (88Y)
225/35ZR18/XL (87Y)
225/40ZR18 88Y
225/45ZR18/XL (95Y)
245/35ZR18/XL 92Y
245/40ZR18 (93Y)
P245/40ZR18 (93Y)
245/40ZR18/XL 97Y
255/35ZR18/XL (94Y)
255/40ZR18 (95Y)
265/40ZR18 (97Y)
275/35ZR18/XL (99Y)
275/40ZR18 (99Y)
285/35ZR18/XL (101Y)
295/35ZR18/XL (103Y)
235/35ZR19/XL (91Y)
255/35ZR19 (92Y)
255/45ZR19 (100Y)
265/35ZR19/XL (98Y)
265/40ZR19/XL (102Y)
275/35ZR19 (96Y)
285/30ZR19/XL (98Y)
285/40ZR19 (103Y)
295/30ZR19/XL (100Y)
295/35ZR19 (100Y)
305/35ZR19 (102Y)
345/30ZR19/XL (109Y)
245/35R20/XL 95Y
245/40ZR20/XL (99Y)
255/35ZR20/XL (97Y)
255/40ZR20/XL (101Y)
265/30ZR20/XL (94Y)
265/35ZR20/XL (99Y)
275/30R20/XL 97Y
275/35ZR20/XL (102Y)
285/30ZR20/XL (99Y)
295/30ZR20/XL (101Y)
295/35ZR20/XL (105Y)
305/30ZR20/XL (103Y)
315/35ZR20/XL (110Y)
335/30ZR20/XL (108Y)
245/35ZR21/XL (96Y)
245/40RF21 96Y
265/35ZR21/XL (101Y)
275/30ZR21/XL (98Y)
275/35RF21 99Y
285/30ZR21/XL (100Y)
285/35ZR21/XL 105Y
265/30ZR22/XL (97Y)
265/35ZR22/XL (102Y)
275/35ZR22/XL (104Y)
295/30ZR22/XL (103Y)
305/30ZR22/XL (105Y)
305/35ZR22/XL (110Y)
315/25ZR23/XL (102Y)
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