Uniroyal RD30 Tires



Uniroyal RD30 is a commercial truck tire made for regional and long haul applications and meant to be used as a drive position tire.

Tire features:

  • Tiger Claw tread design helps to grip the road better and provides more stability.
  • StoneBlocker design on the tread blocks protects the casing from punctures and tears.
  • DuraShield Construction features Pyramidal Steel Belt Construction with Insulating Belt Edge Strips and Heavy Gauge Inner Liner that provides durability and retreadability.
  • Closed shoulder pattern promotes longer mileage and even wear.

Best suited for: Commercial trucks.

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Sizes & Specifications

Size ( Part # )
LT225/70R19.5G RD30 14/G - 25102
LT245/70R19.5G RD30 14/G - 97846
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