Ultra ARZ 5

Sizes & Specifications

Size Load Rating Speed SKU
225/55R19 99 V 2EAR159F
245/35R19 (Staggered) 93 W 3EAR077F
245/35R20 95 W 3EAR078F
245/40R18 (Staggered) 97 W 3EAR075F
245/40ZR20 (Staggered) 99 W 2EAR152F
255/35R20 97 W 3EAR240F
275/30ZR19 (Staggered) 96 W 2EAR158F
275/35ZR20 (Staggered) 120 W 2EAR154F
285/30ZR20 (Staggered) 99 W 2EAR150N
285/35ZR18 (Staggered) 101 W 2EAR148F
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