Black Rhino KRUGER

Black Rhino




5,6 Lug

Product image shown not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment will change offset, dish and center profile. Please consult your salesperson for application-specific details

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Bolt Pattern

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Sizes & Specifications

Size Bolt Pattern Finish Part # Model Offset Price
18X8.5 5X114.3 GLOSS BLACK 1885KRG355114B76 KRUGER 35
18X8.5 5X120 GLOSS BLACK 1885KRG355120B76 KRUGER 35 -
18X8.5 5X127 GLOSS BLACK 1885KRG305127B71 KRUGER 30 -
18X8.5 6X120 GLOSS BLACK 1885KRG306120B67 KRUGER 30 -
18X8.5 6X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 1885KRG206140B12 KRUGER 20 -
20X9 5X127 GLOSS BLACK 2090KRG305127B71 KRUGER 30 -
20X9 5X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2090KRG205140B78 KRUGER 20 -
20X9 5X150 GLOSS BLACK 2090KRG255150B10 KRUGER 25 -
20X9 6X120 GLOSS BLACK 2090KRG306120B67 KRUGER 30 -
20X9 6X135 GLOSS BLACK 2090KRG306135B87 KRUGER 30 -
20X9 6X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2090KRG006140B12 KRUGER 0 -
20X9 6X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2090KRG156140B12 KRUGER 15 -
22X9.5 5X127 GLOSS BLACK 2295KRG305127B71 KRUGER 30 -
22X9.5 5X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2295KRG205140B78 KRUGER 20 -
22X9.5 5X150 GLOSS BLACK 2295KRG305150B10 KRUGER 30 -
22X9.5 6X135 GLOSS BLACK 2295KRG306135B87 KRUGER 30 -
22X9.5 6X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2295KRG106140B12 KRUGER 10 -
22X9.5 6X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2295KRG256140B12 KRUGER 25 -
24X10 5X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2410KRG255140B78 KRUGER 25 -
24X10 5X150 GLOSS BLACK 2410KRG305150B10 KRUGER 30 -
24X10 6X135 GLOSS BLACK 2410KRG356135B87 KRUGER 35 -
24X10 6X139.7 GLOSS BLACK 2410KRG256140B12 KRUGER 25 -
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