3 Reasons to Install Aftermarket Rims on Your Ride

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Whether you're new to automotive aftermarket upgrades or a seasoned car enthusiast, aftermarket rims are a great entry point into the world of automotive upgrades. With our comprehensive inventory of aftermarket rims, tires, and accessories, Canada Custom Autoworks can make upgrading your ride easy. If you're unsure whether you want to install aftermarket rims on your vehicle, here are three reasons why you should! Keep reading to find out more.

1) Boost in Resale Value

Adding stylish aftermarket rims or custom wheels to your vehicle can increase the value of your ride if you ever decide it's time to part ways and resell it. Aftermarket upgrades, whether that includes new rims, tires, or a lift kit, can dramatically impact the overall value of your ride, taking it from a run-of-the-mill daily commuter into a unique and valuable asset worth a pretty penny.

However, to ensure that these aftermarket upgrades are worth the investment/resell value, it's important to leave the dirty work to the professionals. If not correctly installed, DIY enhancements can have the opposite effect, resulting in your ride being less valuable than before the aftermarket upgrades.

2) Enhanced Safety

The materials used in aftermarket rims are typically higher quality than those used in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheels or steelies. For instance, many of the aftermarket rims Canada Custom Autoworks carries are made from aluminum alloys, which are stronger and lighter than steel. Other options include carbon fibre rims, which offer enhanced strength and weight-saving capabilities.

With better materials also comes a more detailed and stringent manufacturing process. Most aftermarket rims must pass multiple quality and safety tests throughout production to ensure the final product meets stricter standards. This results in rims that not only look great but are also more durable and safer than standard or OEM options.

3) A Personal Touch

The final reason why you should invest in aftermarket rims is because you love the look and design! At Canada Custom Autoworks, our comprehensive inventory of aftermarket rims ensures you can choose a quality rim that fits your personal taste or dream build. Our aftermarket rims range from rugged, aggressive designs in sleek gloss black to modern, minimalistic cherry red ones that will impress your fellow car enthusiasts. Whether upgrading your daily commuter or putting the final touches on a show build, Canada Custom Autoworks has you covered for all your aftermarket rim needs!

Start Your Dream Build with Canada Custom Autoworks

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we understand that the price tag on a new set of aftermarket rims can stand between you and your dream build. Luckily, with our flexible financing options, we can make driving away in style a breeze! With no credit checks, no waiting on approvals, and no penalties for early payouts, our financing solutions can make paying for those new rims more feasible for your budget.

Visit your local Canada Custom Autoworks or contact us to learn more about our flexible financing options or our wide inventory of aftermarket rims. Let our expert fitment specialists help you make that dream build a reality!