An In-Depth Look: Fuel Off-Road x HAIDA Package Deals

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Are you looking to upgrade your truck or large SUV? Why purchase rims and tires separately when you could save up to $500 by buying them together? We currently have six package deals with Fuel Off-Road's Gloss Black Milled finish & HAIDA R/T tires. Act fast because these deals are only on for a limited time!

Depending on your vehicle, we have various options available in either 20x9 or 20x10 sizes. Choose between Fuel Contra, Arc, Typhoon, or Maverick in a Gloss Black Milled finish and pair them with the corresponding size of Haida R/T tires.

Let’s take a look at all of the fuel wheel options available.

Fuel Contra (20x9 or 20x10)

Fuel Arc (20x10)

Fuel Typhoon (GBM 20x10)

Fuel Maverick (GBM 20x9 or GBM 20x10)


The Haida R/T tires are designed to perform in all seasons, providing confident handling regardless of your adventures. The 3D tread pattern firmly grips the road in all weather conditions, creating excellent traction and preventing your vehicle from skidding. Whether off-roading in the bush or driving on the highway: no terrain is too much for this tire.

The tread’s design has wide amounts of negative space, providing exceptional traction in the muddiest situations. The unique tread pattern self-cleans, eliminating the build-up of mud and snow as you drive. The tire is constructed with a unique anti-collision sidewall design; the rubber used is damage resistant, prevents punctures and avoids pressure damage.

Pricing & Financing

All of the Fuel x Haida R/T packages are priced at $2699.00, not including tax and installation fees. Lugs and tire pressure sensors will also need to be purchased separately.

Skip the stress of paying outright! We have multiple financing options available for customers. No credit checks, no waiting on approvals, and no penalties for early payments! Don’t let bad credit get in the way of having the vehicle of your dreams.

Financing through Canada Custom Autoworks is designed to be a fast, easy, and painless process for our customers. Our flexible financing options break down your purchase into feasible monthly payments with a fair rate of 5-7%.

Installation Services

Installation services are not included in the price, but we highly recommend having your fuel wheels and tires installed by our expert technicians and fitment specialists. The vehicle-specific fitment will change the offset, dish and center profile. It’s best to consult our in-house experts for application-specific details.

Do you need help deciding which package is right for you? Call our dedicated sales team, or come into one of our showrooms to see for yourself!