Benefits Of Fender Flares

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There are a ton of different aftermarket parts available for vehicles. Some of them are great for aesthetics, some fulfill a specific function, while many do both. Fender flares fall into the last category: they’re used for their looks, and to protect people.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about fender flares: what they are, their benefits, and a few different styles you can find. Let’s jump in.


What are fender flares?

The purpose of fenders is pretty straightforward - they stop the debris that gets picked up by your wheels from spraying other cars or pedestrians. 


Fender flares, on the other hand, serve a dual purpose. They’re extensions for your fenders. Flares are used for aesthetics - and in some cases, aesthetics are the only thing that fender flares provide. But fender flares can also be used for protection when your vehicle’s wheels are oversized or very offset.


Fender flares protect everyone

When the size or placement of your wheel changes, your fender may need to be extended to prevent road spray from hitting others - fender flares provide that extension. In many places, fender flares protect the driver of the vehicle as well. There can be legal consequences if your fender doesn’t adequately protect other motorists and pedestrians from road spray.


These consequences vary from area to area - here in Canada, each province has its own laws governing fenders, and some jurisdictions are stricter than others. For example, in Alberta “a motor vehicle or trailer must have a part of its body, a fender or a mudguard that covers the width of each tire”. Albertans can visit our tire shop in Calgary to ensure their fender meets provincial requirements. 


Aesthetics are important, too

We’ve covered the biggest benefits of fender flares - they protect the driver from legal trouble, and they protect other people who are using the road. The role of fender flares goes beyond function, though - they make your vehicle look good, too.

Fender flares serve to hide any damage to your wheel well. They can also change the look of your vehicle. There are several different styles of fender flares, including:

  • OE style: The “original equipment” style of this fender flare is made to closely resemble what you would find on a stock vehicle. This inconspicuous style is perfect if you don’t want a drastic change in your vehicle’s appearance.
  • Street style: These flares are usually sleek and low-profile. They don’t resemble stock parts, so those in the know will be able to tell you have fender flares, but they don’t tend to make a big visual impact, either.
  • Bolt-style: These flares are the opposite of street style: they’re made to stand out. In most cases, the bolts are just for show. These flares are big, noticeable, and provide great protection.
  • Extended style: These flares are perfect for very oversized wheels. They’re a lot like the bolt-style - but without bolts. That makes them a little more inconspicuous, but they’re still very noticeable - and they provide excellent protection.

Add some “flare” to your vehicle

Whatever style you choose, fender flares can improve the look of your vehicle, all while protecting you and the people around you. That’s a lot of benefit for a part that’s pretty easy to install. For vehicles with offset or oversized wheels, we highly recommend fender flares.