Custom Wheel Offsets Vs. Backspacing: What You Need to Know

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Your new aftermarket wheels won’t do your vehicle any good if they’re not the proper size and fit. Two significant factors many drivers often overlook when purchasing new wheels are the wheel offset and backspacing. If these two measurements are not accurately applied, your new aftermarket wheels could rub against your suspension or vehicle body. Fortunately, the fitment specialists at Canada Custom Autoworks are here to help with all your custom offset and backspacing needs! Next, we will cover what wheel offset and backspacing is and how Canada Custom Autoworks’ team can ensure you get the right fit and style of wheels for your ride. Keep reading to find out more!

What Does Wheel Offset Mean?

The wheel offset is a measurement (typically measured in millimetres) that determines the distance between the wheel center and the mounting plate. Essentially, the wheel offset defines where precisely in the wheel well the wheel will sit after it is installed.

The higher the custom offset, sometimes called positive offset, the more inward the aftermarket wheel will sit when installed, thus leading to a narrower vehicle stance and less clearance between the suspension and the tire’s inside edge. In comparison, the lower the custom offset, sometimes called negative offset, the more outward the wheel will be when installed. This leads to a wide vehicle stance and more clearance between the tire and suspension. There is also a zero offset, which means the tires are mounted in line with the rest of the vehicle.

Which Custom Offset is Best?

There isn’t a universal right or wrong offset for custom offsets, as it depends on your vehicle and tires. Every car will have its own suggested offset as determined by the manufacturer. For instance, most front-wheel drive vehicles have a more positive offset, while classic cars tend to have a negative offset.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, our certified fitment specialists can help you determine the best offset for your ride. Depending on how you want your vehicle to look and perform, our team may suggest a custom offset that is different from your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. So when you’re looking to customize your ride, trust Canada Custom Autoworks to have the fitment specialists you need to ensure your vehicle looks and performs exactly how you want it to!

What is Wheel Backspacing?

Compared to custom offsets, wheel backspacing is a slightly more complicated measurement. Wheel backspacing is the distance from the wheel’s inside edge to its mounting face. With less wheel backspace or a negative backspace, your vehicle will have more inside wheel clearance and less risk of rubbing against the suspension or other components. However, when there is more wheel backspace or a positive backspace, your ride will have less inside wheel clearance. This means you may risk having your wheels rub against your suspension, steering system, or another component.

Custom Offsets and More from Canada Custom Autoworks

Custom wheel offsets and backspacing aren’t something every driver knows, so if you’re confused about these two measurements, know you’re not alone! At Canada Custom Autoworks, our fitment specialists can help you determine the types of aftermarket wheels, rims, and tires that will best suit your ride.

We are proud to offer multiple finance options that can be broken down into feasible monthly payments. You can feel confident in picking the best custom offsets for you, without worrying about the price.

Our team can help take the guesswork out of custom offsets and backspacing, thereby giving you peace of mind that the wheels you’ve chosen for your ride will be the proper selection– both in terms of fit and style. Contact Canada Custom Autoworks today to learn more about custom offsets for your vehicle.