Everything You Need To Know About Haida Tires

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Should you buy an affordable tire set from a Chinese tire company you haven’t heard of before? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Haida tires and why they’re the perfect affordable option for your truck or your SUV!

You Get MORE Than What You Paid For

Buyers often shy away from affordable tire sets as they firmly believe that “you get what you paid for.” While this saying might be true for some tire companies, it is the complete opposite for Haida tires. When purchasing Haida tires for your vehicle, you are getting the exact performance as name-brand tires at a fraction of the price! Haida even offers over 30 models of light truck and SUV tires ranging from all-season, UHP and even off-road tires.

Supreme Quality

At the price tag of Haida tires, the quality is exceptional! It’s no secret that most people expect average performance from tires in the price range of Haida tires and often doubt the quality of the material used. However, Haida tires are manufactured using top-tier materials that ensure supreme quality for your everyday use. Whether you’re purchasing all-season tires, all-weather tires or winter tires, you will not be disappointed with the exceptional traction throughout the year and supreme performance on different terrain surfaces. In order to enhance the tires’ service life and controllability, Haida engineers their tires with strong sidewalls, durable compound blend and aggressive tread design. If you’re a light truck or SUV owner looking for affordable and high-quality tires, Haida tires are an excellent option for you!

Fantastic Off-Road Performance

Depending on the tire model, you can now enjoy Haida’s unique 3D tread pattern that provides you with the necessary traction across all terrains. The 3D elements firmly grip the driving surface by generating additional biting edges that create the traction you need. The wide grooves and 3D features on Haida’s tires also offer self-cleaning capabilities that eliminate rocks, snow and mud from getting stuck in the footprint. Whether you’re on loose, soft or uneven terrain, Haida’s unique tread elements guarantee spectacular off-road performance and enhance the tire’s driving safety levels. Do you often find yourself struggling across rough terrain? Well, with Haida tires, you will no longer worry about rocks or mud hindering your driving performance.

Tread Life Longevity 

If there’s one thing Haida tires are known for, it’s their durability. There are several budget-friendly options for your SUVs and light trucks that promote damage resistance and optimize tread wear. How, you may ask? Well, Haida tires are manufactured with an anti-collision side wall design that is engineered to avoid impact damage, punctures, cuts, etc. Paired with wear-resistant compound materials, Haida tires effectively combat irregular and premature wear along the tread, ensuring the tire’s elongated usability and service life.

Get Your Haida Tires at Canada Custom Autoworks

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we offer a range of Haida tires suitable for all vehicles and all-terrain. Our specialists are more than happy to talk to you over the phone or in person and walk you through all the options available for your truck. Our aim is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with their tires and get the best value for their dollar.

Find The Right Haida Tire for You

With winter slowly creeping in, it’s always best to install your tires as early as possible! Contact Canada Custom Autoworks today to speak with one of our experts or visit our tire shop near you!