Fender Flares: Where Functionality Meets Fashion

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Are you bored by your truck’s off-the-lot look but don’t want to replace your vehicle? There are a million different ways to customize your vehicle. A fast option is to switch out your standard set of tires and rims with oversized custom wheels or massive off-road tires. When you do that, adding fender flares is a necessity.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we source our fender flares from trusted brands like Bushwacker and Enthuze. We proudly offer our customers high-quality parts at competitive pricing for incredible value.

Keep reading to learn why you should invest in fender flares today!

Fender Flares

What are they?

Fenders protect your vehicle by deflecting damage caused by rocks, dirt and debris. When you customize your vehicle with oversized or offset tires, adding fender flares is vital to avoid becoming a hazard to other drivers sharing the road. The flares protect you from the police too! Avoid getting fined by properly protecting the wide overhang of your sweet new wheels.

Fender flares most commonly appear on SUVs, pickup trucks, and off-road vehicles. Sports cars also use them because of the body’sbody’s proximity to the pavement and to prevent paint chipping.


While flares are technically useful for protecting the vehicle’s body, the real beauty of fender flares is their customizability! Give your truck a unique look with our professional installation services. Want the flares to match your vehicle’svehicle’s paint job? No problem. We can do that.

Canada Custom Autoworks carries a wide variety of styles: paint-matched, smooth, pocket-style and more! You also have the option to custom paint your flares in almost any colour you’re dreaming of. They don’t have to match your car; fender flares can be a statement on their own!

Rust Protection

When your tires and rims are not protected by fender flares, your vehicle will show wear and tear after a few miles down a dirt road. Without proper coverage, tires will kick up rocks and debris along the vehicle body, which chips the paint and leaves behind scratches and dents. To make matters worse, the areas where paint has chipped off will inevitably become rusted because the metal’s first layer of defence is gone.

If you do not follow the proper steps to protect your vehicle, rust is inevitable and can spread like a disease. Rust might be an eyesore, but it can also become a structural and financial liability that negatively affects your truck’s resale value. Protect your investment by adding fender flares for adequate protection.

Bottom Line

Fender flares not only make your vehicle look amazing, but they protect it from other drivers on the road and prevent getting ticketed by the police. Our home fitment specialists can assist with installing your fender flares.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, our incredible sales team are experts in their field. Visit any one of our locations in Western Canada to pick their brain. Our stores are in Spruce Grove, Red Deer, Calgary, Lloydminster, Grande Prairie, Regina, Kelowna, Edmonton, and Fort Saskatchewan.

No need to pay out of pocket all in one go; our financing program is quick and easy, broken down into monthly payments that fit your life’s budget.

Contact our team today to learn more about the fender flares available for your vehicle and our incredible financing options.