Need New Winter Tires for Your Car? Check-Out Canada Custom Autoworks!

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Winter tires are crucial for your safety on the road. While many car owners choose to use all-season tires instead of winter tires, there are a few drawbacks you should consider. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we take pride in our wide selection of winter tires across our 11 locations. Next, we will tell you why you should choose winter tires over all-seasons, and highlight two of our more popular winter tire options. Keep reading to find out more!

Traction Matters: Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

While many drivers opt for all-season tires as a more cost-effective option, ultimately, they are not the best-performing or safest option out there. This is because all-season car tires are made from a rubber compound that typically hardens around 7°C and below, resulting in decreased traction and gripping power.

Comparatively, the rubber in winter tires is designed to remain flexible in cold temperatures. This improved flexibility allows for greater traction in snowy and icy conditions and on cold, clear roads. With superior traction and gripping comes enhanced breaking with reduced stopping distance required and better handling. A few extra seconds to stop can spell the difference between a collision and a safe ride in challenging conditions.

Introducing the Nitto NTSN2 and NT90W

When your car needs reliable winter tires, trust your local Canada Custom Autoworks to have you covered. Canada Custom Autoworks has a vast inventory of winter tires perfect for various cars and driving styles. One of our more popular options is the Nitto NT-SN2 and the NT90W. Next, we will tell you more about these tires and why they should be your top choice.

The Nitto NT-SN2

The Nitto Nt-SN2 at Canada Custom Autoworks is a studless winter tire manufactured from a pliable tread compound that performs well even in snowy, icy, or slushy conditions. This tire’s unique tread design features five ribs with a twin solid center rib, offering continuous surface contact for better traction, braking, and control. This ribbed pattern also enhances your car’s stability and steering response, making it a great option for winter driving.

Additionally, the tread compound is silica-enhanced, meaning this tire will stay pliable and grippy even in low temperatures, providing strong traction. Meanwhile, the tread pattern also features biting edges that dig into ice and snow for even better gripping power. Overall, the Nitto NT-SN2 winter tires are an excellent option for car owners looking for a reliable and quality-made winter tire.

The Nitto NT90W

The Nitto NT90W is another studless winter tire the team at Canada Custom Autoworks highly recommends to car owners. This tire also features a unique asymmetrical tread design, which offers superior bite and grip in snowy and icy conditions. However, the NT90W features numerous sipes on the inside tread and wide lateral grooves, which make excavating slush and water quick and effective.

A unique feature of the Nitto NT90W winter tires is that crushed walnut shells have been infused into the tread compound of this tire. The shells create microscopic edges that bite into snow and ice, increasing traction, while a bamboo charcoal additive in the compound absorbs water on the road at the same time. All of these innovative features not only enhance your maneuverability and control in winter conditions but also ensure that you and the drivers around you are safe while out on your commute.

Flexible Financing Options at Canada Custom Autoworks

The team at Canada Custom Autoworks understands that buying new winter tires can be costly upfront. Fortunately, we offer several flexible financing options! That way, you can break up your purchase into manageable monthly payments that work with your budget. With no credit check necessary, no waiting on approvals, and no penalties for early payments, financing your new winter tires with Canada Custom Autoworks is easy!

Ready for New Winter Tires?

Are you ready to check out a set of Nitto NT90W or NT-SN2 winter tires for your car? Don’t wait to contact Canada Custom Autoworks today! Let our expert fitment specialists and technicians outfit your car with quality winter tires so you can be safe on the road all winter long.