Need Winter Tires for Your Truck? Canada Custom Autoworks Has You Covered!

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Let's face it: winter tires are essential to ensuring safe winter driving here in Canada. Yet, many drivers still think all-season tires are "good enough". At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are here to dispel this misconception. Next, we will explain why winter tires are crucial for light trucks and SUVs. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Summer and All-Seasons Just Won't Cut It

While all-season tires may seem adequate for your light truck in the winter, the truth is that they are not comparable to winter tires. All-season and summer tires' rubber will harden once temperatures drop low enough, resulting in a loss of traction and increasing the risk of an accident.

In comparison, light truck winter tires are made from an innovatively formulated rubber compound that will remain flexible even in below-freezing temperatures. This flexibility ensures that your tires can grip the pavement better, reducing the risk of you losing traction even in icy, slushy, or snowy conditions. So when temperatures begin to dip to +7℃, it's time to switch to your winter tires.

The Myth of Four-Wheel Drive

Many truck owners believe that since their vehicle has four-wheel drive, they don't need winter tires; the four-wheel drive will be enough to handle challenging winter conditions. However, this is a common misconception the team at Canada Custom Autoworks works hard to dispel. While four-wheel drive will help your truck accelerate in snow and mud, it will not help you stop quickly or safely in winter conditions. If your truck is not equipped with proper winter tires, then your tires will still lose flexibility once the temperature drops, as mentioned previously. Only winter tires can help prevent you from sliding through a red light in the dead of winter. It's always better to be safe than sorry, so invest in some truck winter tires from Canada Custom Autoworks.

Spotlight on General Grabber Arctic

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we stock a comprehensive inventory of winter tires perfect for light trucks, SUVs, cars and more. One such set of winter tires that is a perfect addition to any light truck is the General Grabber Artic tires. This studdable winter tire has been developed for superior traction on wet, snowy, and icy roads. Complete with Duragen Technology, this tire provides robust strength and durability, meaning it will last season after season. Some other benefits of the General Grabber Artic tires include:

  • Excellent grip in low temperatures
  • Reliable braking on wet, snow or ice-covered roads
  • Superb steering response and dry handling
  • Robust durability
  • Long-lasting treadwear
  • Duragen Technology
  • 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified
  • Studdable

When your light truck or SUV requires new winter tires, trust Canada Custom Autoworks to have the tires you need! Our fitment specialists and expert technicians are here to ensure you find the right tires for your ride. So, be sure you're safe out on the roads this next winter by investing in winter tires like the General Grabber Arctic tires available at Canada Custom Autoworks.

Canada Custom Autoworks Financing Solutions

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we understand that winter tires for your truck can be a significant investment. Fortunately, we offer multiple flexible financing options to suit your budget. That way, you can drive with confidence no matter the winter weather.

Buy and install your winter tires today, and pay them off tomorrow with Canada Custom Autowork's financing options. Our process is quick and easy— no credit checks, no waiting on approvals, and no penalties for early payments! Reach out to us today to learn more!

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When you need reliable and quality winter tires for your light truck or SUV, trust Canada Custom Autoworks to have you covered. Shop for winter tires online today, or check out our wide inventory of rims, wheels, accessories and more in person at one of our 11 locations across Western Canada.

Let Canada Custom Autoworks outfit your ride with quality winter tires. Contact us today to learn more!