Suretrac Tires: The Perfect Balance Between Value and Performance

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your street tires for your passenger car, off-road mud tires for your truck, or something more sporty for your SUV, Suretrac Tires from Canada Custom Autoworks has you covered! Suretrac has built a reputation for itself as a leading manufacturer based on affordability and quality. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we stock a variety of Suretrac Tires that are perfect for any road conditions or season. Keep reading to find out more about Suretrac Tires and Canda Custom Autoworks!

How Suretrac Tires Stands Out from the Competition

Suretrac Tires is not just another aftermarket tire brand taking up shelf space at your local tire shop; they’re a well-established manufacturer known for their quality and reliability. Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, Suretrac Tires has become a leader in the global tire market.

What ultimately sets Suretrac apart from their competitors is their commitment to creating quality-built, customer-proven, real-world performance tires. So whether you’re hunting for high-performance touring tires or all-weather mud tires for your off-roader, Suretrac Tires from Canada Custom Autoworks will meet your needs!

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we carry a variety of Suretrac Tires in numerous sizes and styles. However, we’d like to draw your attention to three models that offer dependable performance no matter the season or road conditions: the Suretrac AWT, Wideclimber R/T2, and Wideclimber M/T2.

Suretrac AWT Tires: All-Weather Performance

Suretrac AWT tires are designed to handle nearly all weather conditions without breaking a sweat. Featuring a unique tread pattern, these tires provide superior traction on wet and dry roads, ensuring you can feel confident behind the wheel in any situation. Whether you’re driving an SUV, light truck, or commercial vehicle, Canada Custom Autoworks’ offering of Suretrac AWT tires should be your top choice for all-season performance.

Suretrac Wideclimber R/T2: Rugged Terrain Performance

For drivers who need rugged performance both on and off the road, the Suretrac Wideclimber R/T2 tires are a superb choice. With their aggressive tread pattern and reinforced construction, these tires offer exceptional traction and stability even in challenging off-road conditions. Whether tackling mud, snow, or rocky terrain, the Suretrac Wideclimber R/T2 tires will deliver the performance and reliability you need for an awesome off-road adventure!

Suretrac Wideclimber M/T2: Dependable Off-Road Performance

When it comes to off-road performance, the Suretrac Wideclimber M/T2 is in a class all of its own. Featuring a studdable design and ultra-aggressive tread pattern, these tires provide unmatched traction and durability far above and beyond competing mud tires. With their smooth ride and dependable life, the Wideclimber M/T2 tires are the ultimate choice for off-road enthusiasts who demand only the best for their rigs.

Your Source for Affordable Aftermarket Upgrades

It’s no secret that upgrading your vehicle’s tires can be expensive. Fortunately, Canada Custom Autoworks offers flexible in-house financing options on many of our aftermarket products. That means, with our quick and easy financing process, you can buy and install the tires, rims, and accessories you need without breaking the bank! Plus, our expert fitment specialists and highly trained technicians are available across our 11 locations to help you find the perfect wheels, tires, and accessories for your vehicle.

So why wait? 

Visit your nearest Canada Custom Autoworks today and upgrade your ride with Suretrac Tires. Or contact us to learn more about our financing options and massive inventory.