Taking the Aftermarket Rim World by Storm: Armed Off-Road Militia Rims

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Aftermarket rims are a great way to enhance your vehicle. Still, they have more benefits than simply looking stylish on the road. As your trusted source for aftermarket rims, wheels, tires and automotive accessories, Canada Custom Autoworks stocks a vast inventory of products that will take your vehicle to the next level.

Below, we will tell you about the benefits of aftermarket rims and one of our popular options currently turning heads across Western Canada. Keep reading to find out more!

The Benefits of Aftermarket Rims

Many non-car enthusiasts believe that aftermarket rims are mostly just for aesthetic purposes. While style and looks can be a factor, there are also several other benefits aftermarket rims offer. Some of the benefits of aftermarket rims include:

  • Greater Safety and Durability Standards: Often, aftermarket rims must comply with stringent safety and durability standards that exceed those of standard stock rims. Additionally, many aftermarket rims come with a manufacturer’s guarantee (or even a lifetime warranty), backing up their commitment to safety, durability, and quality.
  • High-Quality Materials: Since quality is crucial for aftermarket rim manufacturers, many are manufactured from high-quality materials not typically used in stock rims. For instance, at Canada Custom Autoworks, many of our rims are made from quality aluminum alloys, which are not only stronger than steel rims but also significantly lighter.
  • Innovative Manufacturing Processes: Compared to stock rims, the manufacturing process for aftermarket rims is often more intricate and time-consuming. This process may include multiple quality control checks throughout the production to ensure a product meets stringent standards— resulting in a rim that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and built to last.
  • Eye-Catching Designs: As previously mentioned, style and design are often top priorities for aftermarket rims, and they deliver. With a massive selection of complex spoke patterns, finishes (think matte black or chrome rims), and intricate design elements, aftermarket rims are a great way to personalize your ride and take your vehicle’s appearance to the next level.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we have a massive inventory of aftermarket rims from trusted manufacturers such as Niche, TIS Wheels, Armed Off-Road, and more! Our fitment specialists are here to help you find the perfect set of aftermarket rims that can enhance your ride and take it from a simple project build into a head-turning show car. Next, we will tell you about one of our newest aftermarket rim models that is getting serious attention.

Meet the Armed Off-Road Militia Rims

The latest aftermarket rims from Armed Off-Road is the Militia in a semi-matte black finish. These eye-catching rims offer remarkable strength in a sleek, lightweight design, making them perfect for off-road use. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we have the Armed Off-Road Militia rims in 20x9, 20x10, 17x9 and 18x9 sizes, and they are available in a variety of custom offsets. So, if you’re looking for an aggressive yet sleek semi-matte black aftermarket rim that offers unbeatable performance, pick up a set of Armed Off-Road Militia rims from Canada Custom Autoworks!

Ride in Style with Flexible Financing

Finishing your project car or upgrading your off-road truck can leave a pretty hefty dent in your wallet. Fortunately, Canada Custom Autoworks offers multiple flexible in-house financing options. With no credit checks, no waiting on approvals, and no penalties for early payouts, riding in style has never been easier. Let our in-house financing options make your next purchase of Armed Off-Road Militia rims more manageable.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members in-store to learn more and buy the rims of your dreams today!

Find the Hottest Aftermarket Rims at Canada Custom Autoworks!

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