Rough Country Canada: Understanding the Difference Between Lift and Level Kits

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Looking to install larger tires, increase off-road performance, or amp up the look of your vehicle? Look no further than Rough Country Canada’s Lift Kits and Level Kits. But what is the difference?

RC Lift Kits

Rough Country Canada’s lift kits have a suspension system designed to lift the entire vehicle high up off the ground, elevating it by several inches. Using a lift kit to heighten your vehicle increases room for tire clearance, allowing you to equip larger tires. Not only does a lifted truck look fantastic, but it also boosts your road authority.

Typically, people will lift their vehicles because they are going off-roading. Depending on the type of vehicle and the larger tires you replace, a lift kit can also help with the traction and handling of your vehicle when you are off-road.

For the most part, lift kits will fit atop factory standard front springs for easy installation. Installing a lift kit alone can be daunting, but thankfully, you can count on our experienced team of technicians to help you.

RC Level Kits

The average truck is built with a nose-down stance, designed to correct the weight of a full load in the truck bed, and enhances your truck’s fuel economy during long trips. Rough Country Canada’s level kits are a type of suspension kit that raises the front end of the truck to match the height of the back. By doing this, you will improve the overall stance of your vehicle.

Level kits effectively create room for larger tires without damaging your fender wells. If you customize your truck further with a heavy bumper or winch, level kits will balance out that additional weight. They are also incredibly beneficial when using your vehicle to tow heavy items, as they distribute the weight evenly and allow for smoother handling as you drive.

Level kits are fantastic for heightening your vehicle to prevent damage when off-roading. If you do not want to invest in a new suspension system with a lift kit, level kits are significantly more affordable and easier to install on your own.

Rough Country Canada

Rough Country Canada is the leading brand for high-quality, durable, affordable lift kits, level kits and additional truck accessories. Their kits cater to a wide range of vehicles, from trucks to cars to SUVs; they will almost certainly have what you are looking for.

Rough Country also offers a replacement warranty and easy returns within 30 days of purchasing. Canada Custom Autoworks carries a wide variety of Rough Country kits. The RC Level kits include installation and are backed with Rough Country’s lifetime warranty!


Lift kits can get pricey depending on the size and type of vehicle. Don’t let that stand in your way! Canada Custom Autoworks has brilliant financing options available that allow you the flexibility to invest in your vehicle today and pay for it tomorrow. No credit check is required– pay your kit off in monthly installments designed to fit your budget.

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