Debunking Myths About Custom Wheels

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Vehicle enthusiasts are always looking for ways to customize their cars to make them more unique and match their personal style! One of the most common customizations in the automotive world is installing custom wheels; however, many SUV and truck owners think twice before purchasing custom wheels as they are often discouraged from one (or more) of the following myths:

Custom Wheels Are Easily Damaged 

It’s no surprise that custom wheels are perceived to be “easily damaged” as they’re said to be “manufactured from cheaper materials.” In fact, many manufacturers have stated that custom wheels are unsafe to use as they don’t match the same safety or performance specifications that OEM complies with. Sadly, this is a common myth that vehicle owners often hear when comparing custom wheels to OEM wheels, as tire shops and dealerships make more money on OEM wheels than on custom wheels.

In reality, there are a plethora of custom wheels on the market that can put OEM wheels to shame. These premium custom wheels are typically manufactured from stronger alloys, offer enhanced traction and durability and are much more affordable than OEM wheels. Depending on the way custom wheels are built, they can provide more strength and better safety than stock wheels! If you’re looking to customize your wheels but are concerned about safety, speak to our fitment specialists for more information on how our custom wheels are built!

Custom Wheels Are Heavier Than Stock Wheels

Not only are custom wheels lighter than OEM wheels, but they also offer better fuel efficiency! Custom wheels are designed to be lightweight as they improve steering and cornering responsiveness, making them an excellent choice for autocross and motorsport enthusiasts.

Choosing the right weight and size for your wheels can determine the difference between a rough, dangerous drive and a smooth, safe one. That’s why it’s essential that you work with our fitment expert before creating your wheels to ensure that you’re receiving the correct offset, diameter and backspace for your tires.

Custom Wheels Look Tacky 

Do they, or have you just yet to find the right ones? The beauty of custom wheels is that you can virtually customize everything about them, including size, finish, alloy, colour, diameter, etc. Adding a set of custom wheels can significantly improve your vehicle’s appearance and enhance its overall look!

Custom wheels can transform your vehicle completely, whether you’re looking for a sophisticated and elegant look or an aggressive and rugged appearance! Make sure to speak to our fitment specialists before choosing your next set of custom wheels, as they’ll help you choose the right size, bolt pattern, colour, and finish to suit your style!

Get Your Custom Wheels at Canada Custom Autoworks

There are limitless options when it comes to custom wheels, and Canada Custom Autoworks is proud to offer a wide selection of customizations from wheel size and finish to colour and bolt pattern. Many truck and SUV owners choose Canada Custom Autoworks for unique wheel needs, as our fitment specialists are ready to help them find the perfect custom wheels for their car!

Visit one of our many tire shops across Canada for a free consultation service with one of our fitment experts, or contact us for more information on custom wheels!