Personalize Your Ride With Custom Offsets From Canada Custom Autoworks

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Are you looking to change the stance and look of your vehicle this summer? While a custom wheel offset likely wasn't the first option that came to your mind, it is a fantastic way to customize your ride and show off your aftermarket wheels and tires. At Canada Custom Autoworks, our team is vehicle enthusiasts dedicated to helping you personalize your ride. We understand how to install custom offsets properly and offer a wide selection of aftermarket rims and tires to suit every style. Next, we'll tell you more about custom wheel offsets and why you shoulder partner with Canada Custom Autoworks to ensure your ride's proper fit and style. Keep reading to find out more!

Wheel Offset and Backspacing Explained

Personalizing your ride with aftermarket wheels and tires from Canada Custom Autoworks is a great way to make your vehicle uniquely yours. If you're considering customizing the stance of your car or truck, it's essential first to understand wheel offset and backspacing. To keep it simple, the offset refers to how your ride's wheels and tired are mounted and how they sit in the wheel wells. The proper custom offset ensures your wheels and tires have enough clearance to not rub against your suspension, brakes, or vehicle body. While backspacing is the distance, your wheels and tires must accommodate to ensure proper offset and fit of your wheels.

Custom offsets are a fantastic way to personalize your vehicle and show off those aftermarket wheels and tires you've invested in. However, installing custom offsets is no simple task, especially on your own! The wrong offset may reduce your ride's stability, interfere with braking, or cause other problems. That's why it's critical that you partner with professional fitment specialists like those at Canada Custom Autoworks. By getting Canada Custom Autoworks fitment specialists to set up your custom offset and backspacing measurements, you'll get a wheel and tire package that offers show-stopping looks, quality performance and handling. Otherwise, some of the problems you may face with your custom offsets include the following:

Problems Associated with Incorrect Custom Offsets:

  • Increased risk of vehicle instability and tire failure
  • Poor handling
  • Increased steering wheel kick-back
  • Interference with braking and brake parts
  • Increased stress on the suspension system
  • Risk of expensive damage to vehicle's bodywork or suspension due to rubbing

Let Our Fitment Specialists Help!

New wheels and tires can make your car stand out from the crowd and add several handling, style, and performance benefits. However, to ensure those new wheels and tires fit correctly, you'll need the help of Canada Custom Autoworks' highly skilled fitment specialists. Our fitment specialists can ensure that your wheels and tires are the right fit for your ride. Moreover, if you want to add a custom offset to your vehicle, our fitment specialists have the experience and knowledge to help! Canada Custom Autoworks' fitment specialist can ensure your custom offsets, new wheels, and tires are precisely balanced and perfectly fit. So partner with Canada Custom Autoworks' highly experienced team of offset, wheel, and tire installation specialists, and make your ride a head-turner today!

Custom Offsets and More from Canada Custom Autoworks

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are proud to be one of Western Canada's top sources for aftermarket wheels, tires, lift kits and more! We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are happy and satisfied with our services and extensive inventory. So if you're interested in installing custom offsets on your ride, find your nearest Canada Custom Autoworks location or contact us today to learn more!