Need a Rough or Muddy Terrain Tire? Haida Tires Have You Covered!

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Are you searching for a set of tires that can handle rough or muddy terrain? If so, look no further than Haida Tires from Canada Custom Autoworks! Haida tires are designed to tackle tough conditions without compromising their performance or durability. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we proudly offer a variety of Haida Tires, including the HD878 R/T and HD869 M/T. Keep reading to learn more about these tires.

Quality and Value in One!

For many automotive enthusiasts, there’s this misconception that affordable tires mean compromising on quality. However, with Haida Tires from Canada Custom Autoworks, you get both quality and budget-friendly options. Haida Tires offers performance features comparable to those of many other manufacturers but at a more affordable price. With multiple models available for light trucks and SUVs, Canada Custom Autoworks’ team is sure we’ll be able to help you find a set that meets your needs.

Here are two Haida Tire models grabbing a lot of attention, especially from off-roaders:

Meet the Haida HD878 R/T

The Haida HD878 R/T tires are designed for conquering any rugged terrain with confidence. Thanks to a 3D tread pattern, their all-season performance ensures a strong grip on the road, no matter the weather conditions. Whether you’re planning to hit the trails or go for a cruise down the highway, the HD878 R/T will provide you with enhanced traction. At the same time, their self-cleaning tread design will help prevent mud and snow buildup.

With additional features such as anti-collision sidewalls and improved handling, these Haida Tires are built to withstand even the toughest conditions. The 33's and 35's sizes are on sale for $990 for a full set, right now! So, if you have a light truck or SUV, these are the perfect tires for you!

Haida HD869 M/T

For truck enthusiasts who need even more rugged performance from their tires, the Haida HD869 M/T tires are your top choice! With their aggressive tread and sidewall design, these tires are made to manage heavy loads and challenging terrains easily. Manufactured with 12-ply durability, the HD869 M/T is awesome for off-road conditions. Plus, with their M+S Snowflake Rating for winter performance, ensuring your truck has superior traction in winter weather has never been easier!

Flexible Financing Options for All Budgets

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we understand that aftermarket tires and accessories can be costly investments for many of our fellow Canadians. That’s why we offer flexible in-house financing options to ensure every automotive enthusiast can afford the tires, rims, and accessories they want or need!

Our financing plans are quick and painless, with no credit checks or waiting on approvals. And there are no penalties for early payouts. With flexible monthly payments and 5-7% interest, buying and installing your new Haida Tires is as simple as visiting your local Canada Custom Autoworks!

Shop for Haida Tires at Canada Custom Autoworks Today!

When shopping for a new set of tires for your light truck or SUV, don’t compromise on quality for performance! Instead, choose Haida Tires from Canada Custom Autoworks. With our massive inventory, flexible financing options, and expert fitment specialists, we can ensure you can experience all the benefits of quality tires at an affordable price.

Visit your local Canada Custom Autoworks or contact us today to see why Haida Tires is the best choice for your truck or SUV.