Signs You Need New Tires

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Do you know the signs that your tires are in of replacement? As one of the biggest factors for safety and performance, your tire quality is essential to be aware of. Aged or damaged tires put you at risk for collisions, loss of control while driving, and countless other dangers that you don’t need when on the road.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we know that replacing your tires can sometimes feel like a hassle, especially when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your vehicle. With leading automotive accessories and essentials tire sales from trusted brands like Michelin available at each of our locations across Western Canada, we make it easy to find the right fit at affordable prices. Below, we’ll cover 5 of the top signs your tires need replacing, as well as the benefits of choosing Michelin brand tires. Read on to learn more!

Tire Tread

Oftentimes, the first surefire sign that you need new tires are balding treads. Over time, your tread (which plays a key role in traction and control) will begin to wear away, leaving older or damaged tires with a smooth appearance that’s unsuitable for driving in most conditions. Lack of traction leaves you far more susceptible to spin-outs, fishtailing, inability to stop and other major hazards meaning you should always be aware of your tire tread and be ready to replace it as soon as you become aware of advanced signs of wear.

Bulges, Gouges, and Sidewall Tracks

Canadian roads can be rough on even the highest-grade tires like those offered by Michelin. Daily commuter vehicles as well as heavy haulers can often find previously unnoticed bulges, cracks or gouges in their tires after driving on them season after season. While normal wear and tear are to be expected, it’s important to know that such damage is extremely dangerous and is an absolute indication that replacement is necessary ASAP. If you see bulges or cracks, you’re at high risk for a blowout which is highly dangerous and can lead to serious collisions for drivers.

Uneven Wear

If your tires are out of alignment, you frequently drive with over (or under) inflated tires, or tend to replace 1-2 tires at a time without checking on the tread of your other wheels, you may have uneven wear. This can lead to poor performance and control while driving, leaving you, your passengers, and other drivers at risk on the road. If you have uneven wear, it’s best to purchase a new set of tires to ensure everything is as balanced and even as possible.

Constantly Losing Pressure

Do you keep getting notifications that one or two tires are losing air, no matter how much you fill them? This is a common sign your tires have aged, and either your valve stem or mounting seal is compromised. While replacing the valve stem and remounting the tire may fix the issue, if the tire is too old, you’ll likely experience the same problem again soon, meaning a replacement is in order.

Exposed Metal/Wire

If the wires in your tire’s tread are visible, you are past due for a replacement. Exposed wires indicate that a tire has been overused and worn down to its carcass and that air pressure loss and a blow out are almost certain to occur.

Trust Michelin Tires for Your Next Replacement

Michelin tires have a well earned reputation for quality and performance internationally as well as here in Canada. As one of the top brands across the nation, Michelin tires have a wide variety of applications ranging from seasonal winter tires, performance grade tires, and the perfect fit for day to day commuting.

Contact Canada Custom Autoworks today to speak with one of our experts or visit our tire shop near you to find the best tires for your vehicle!