The Off-Roading Extraordinaire: Venom Tires Take a Bite Out of Any Terrain

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Here at Canada Custom Autoworks, we pride ourselves on stocking the best tires for off-roading enthusiasts, and Venom Power tires are no exception. We carry three options from their Terrain Hunter series, built to battle rugged terrain and come out on top. But which Terrain Hunter tire is the right choice for your needs?

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between the three.


Venom Power’s Terrain Hunter M/T tires are built to conquer the muddiest, rockiest, and most extreme off-road terrain you can find. The dual sidewall design provides aggressive protection against cuts and abrasions, enhancing the tire’s durability and longevity.

The Terra Hunter M/T is an ultra-durable tire with unparalleled traction and handling in the mud, snow, sand, and rocky terrain. The staggered shoulder lugs have an optimized void-to-lug ratio, providing additional grip on rocky terrain with an enhanced biting edge. Mud and stone ejectors are hidden between the sipe lug blocks to shed mud and debris and prevent stone drilling.

Deep siping in the tread blocks gives these tires an enhanced grip that performs well on wet surfaces and in winter conditions. Tackle extreme terrain and come out on top with the Terra Hunter M/T tires.


Off-roading through extremely rugged terrain isn’t even a challenge for the Terrain Hunter R/T tires. Built to last, these tires are guaranteed to perform in all weather conditions thanks to the deep tread depth that enhances hydroplaning resistance.

The enhanced tread pattern and pitch variation tame road noise, creating a smoother and more enjoyable ride for passengers and fellow drivers. The transition from unpredictable off-road terrain to smooth highway pavement is easy because of the damage-resistant dual sidewalls.

Easily maneuver through any terrain, whether mud, snow, sand or rocks. Staggered shoulder lugs enhance the biting edge and better traction on challenging terrain. Tread with confidence, regardless of the terrain.


The Terrain Hunter X/T tires are built for weekend adventurers who spend their weeks commuting to the office and weekends off-roading through the great Canadian wilderness. The Terrain Hunter X/T has a slightly wider contact patch than the previous two tires, guaranteeing consistent contact with the road for enhanced control and handling.

The stylish 3-dimensional sidewall lug patterns provide champion performance on- and off-road, with deep, multi-functional tread grooves gliding through soft, loose, uneven terrain without hesitation. The constant pressure is distributed evenly throughout the tire, extending the longevity of the tread’s usability.

Like the previous two tires, the X/T has mud and stone ejectors interspersed with shoulder lugs to prevent debris build-up, shed mud and avoid stone-drilling. The self-cleaning tread keeps a clean footprint, allowing you to transition on- and off-road with peace of mind that you aren’t dragging the whole forest behind you.

Bottom Line

The three tires in Venom Power’s Terrain Hunter series are made with durability and excellence in mind. The M/T tires excel in muddy conditions, the R/T tires perform best in rugged conditions, and the X/T are ideal everyday tires for the weekend adventurer with an office job.

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If you have any questions about Venom Tires’ Terrain Hunter series or want to know more about financing, contact our sales team today!