Unleash Your Vehicle’s True Potential with Predator Tires from Canada Custom Autoworks

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Are you looking to take your truck or SUV to the next level? At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are here to help you find the right tires for your ride. Whether you're an off-road enthusiast looking to kick your next trail ride up a notch or are an avid camper searching for a tire that works both off- and on-road, we have you covered with our inventory of Predator Tires.

Let's take a closer look at three of the Predator New Mutant tires now available at Canada Custom Autoworks.

Meet the New Mutant Lineup

Whether you're looking to impress other truck enthusiasts on the road with large, low-profile off-road tires or want to enhance your backcountry adventure with tires you can depend on, Predator Tires from Canada Custom Autoworks are a great option. Predator Tires offers awesome truck tires that not only meet but exceed your performance expectations. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we carry three models of Predator Tires:

New Mutant X-M/T: Maximum Traction Mud Tire

As one of the most aggressive tires on the New Mutant offering, the X-M/T is a max traction mud tire manufactured to conquer any off-road terrain easily. Mud, snow, sand, and rocks don't stand in the way of these tires, as their optimized void-to-lug ratio and staggered shoulder lugs provide unmatched traction on all terrains. While the deep tread depth offers users enhanced off-road capabilities, hydroplaning resistance, and better tread life, the aggressive "X-TREME SPIKE" dual sidewall design delivers additional traction and sidewall armour, adding an aesthetic touch.

New Mutant X-A/T: All-Terrain Tire

The New Mutant X-A/T tires from Predator Tires solve the need for truck and SUV tires that can transition from daily commuters into adventure wagons. These all-terrain tires provide a quiet, comfortable highway ride but are also ready for any weekend off-road adventure, as they feature deep, multi-functional tread grooves and sipes, which provide better traction in various road conditions. At the same time, the wider contact patch delivers additional handling and stability during on- and off-road travel. Meanwhile, the aggressive "SPIKE X-A/T" dual sidewall design offers extra off-road traction and sidewall armour and gives your truck a rugged aesthetic appeal.

New Mutant X-R/T: Rugged Terrain Tire

Finally, the third option in the Predator Tires New Mutant lineup is the X-RT tires. These highly adaptable yet tough tires give off-roaders the confidence to traverse rugged terrain easily while feeling right at home on the highway. These tires' optimized void-to-lug ratio provides unparalleled traction in extreme off-road conditions, while the staggered shoulder lugs give the X-RT an enhanced biting edge and better traction on rocky terrain. With its deep tread depth for improved off-road handling, hydroplaning resistance and the aggressive "TALON X-R/T" dual sidewall design, your truck or SUV can dominate any terrain and still look great during your daily commute.

Predator Tires and More From Canada Custom Autoworks

Whether you're on the hunt for new Predator Tires, a lift or level kit, better air suspension or something else, Canada Custom Autoworks has all your automotive aftermarket wheels, tires, and accessories. Our expert fitment specialists can help you find the right tires and offset for your off-roader; that way, no terrain or road conditions can slow you down!

With our multiple financing options available on select products, driving away in style has never been easier. We don't require a credit check, and with our financing solutions, you don't have to wait for approvals, and there are no penalties for early payouts. So what are you waiting for? Find your next set of Predator Tires and automotive accessories at one of Canada Custom Autoworks' 11 locations today!

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