Why Choose Nitto Tires

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Looking to upgrade your tires and get the most bang for your buck? Crafted by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, Nitto Tires just may be one of the most undersung solutions on the market. With incredible performance, longevity, and quality, Nitto tires give drivers affordable luxury and a ride that can’t be beaten. Learn more below!

Choosing the Right Tire Matters

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we know that finding the perfect tire fit for your vehicle is essential for performance and safety. We also know that it’s not just the “big” names like Goodrich and Michelin that produce quality tires. As a lesser-known but just as superior manufacturer, Nitto has car enthusiasts covered. Established in Japan in 1949, Nitto opened headquarters in North America (California) in 2005 to ensure Canadians and Americans could access their products with ease.

Canada Custom Autoworks takes our partnership with manufacturers seriously and will only distribute tires we know you can trust. When you purchase Nitto tires, you get...

More Bang for Your Buck

As the old saying goes, quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Nitto tire sets are often cheaper than competitors without sacrificing quality or performance. All Nitto tires are made from high-grade materials and designed with manoeuvrability and handling in mind. With superior traction, performance, and a tire tread that’s built to stand up to the demands of off-road, winter, and track driving (series-specific), Nitto tires offer you a versatile solution range you can expect to perform in all conditions.

Popular Models

There are several tire models in Nitto’s range that have become market staples for car enthusiasts. Top choices include:

Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Ridge Grappler features a revolutionary dynamic hybrid tread that offers quiet, comfortable ride. Sturdy and deep sidewall lugs provide capable off-road performance and give you the traction you need in all environments.

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

Aggressive mud tread and performance you can trust! These tires feature 3-ply sidewalls and increased puncture resistance, as well as additional biting edges that give you lateral stability and enhanced forward traction.

Nitto Invo

The Invo is a high-performance tire that’s perfect for sports sedans and coupes. Designed for speed and traction, as well as a comfortable ride and longevity, the Invo features a silica-enhanced tread for superior cornering and interlocked design that helps to reduce road noise and provide extra grip during hard acceleration.


The NT05 tire is a max-performance summer tire that allows you to confidently hit the streets. Built using a special race tread that’s Molde to a symmetric tread pattern, the NT05 gives you aggressive road control and wet traction that keeps you safe from rain or condensation. Perfect for the track or on the streets, the NT05 never compromises on comfort or performance!

Find Nitto Tires at Canada Custom Autoworks

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we offer a range of Nitto tire options that are perfect for performance and off-road needs. Visit one of our stores and speak to our specialists to learn more, or contact our team now for additional information!