Essential Truck Accessories You MUST Have!

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Truck accessories are a great way to enhance your vehicle’s appearance, but did you know that they can also improve your truck’s performance and provide extra safety and protection? Read on to learn more about the top 5 essential truck accessories!

1. Lift Kits

Lift kits are generally known to enhance the truck’s appearance; however, this is not the only benefit a lift kit. Installing a lift kit will give your truck higher ground clearance, giving you a smoother ride on-road and off-road. With a lifted truck, you can tackle mud, boulders, sand or snow without worrying about any damage. When installing a lift kit, you can add bigger tires, which boost your ground clearance and offer you maximum ground traction. Bigger wheels also offer you better visibility, as you can see much further down the road while driving a lifted truck.

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2. Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake, otherwise known as aftermarket intake systems, are typically installed outside the vehicle’s engine to allow colder air to be brought in. Cold air intake works by relocating the air filter outside the engine compartment to allow cool air to be sucked into the engine for combustion. Generally, standard air intakes are boxed in, consequently restricting airflow. A cold air intake, however, does not have this limitation as it allows for the free flow of air. Since cold air contains more oxygen than warm air, a cool air intake increases the combustion, which in return, leads to more power.

3. Fender Flares

A fender flare is an extension of your vehicle that fits directly over your wheel to match the same body lines as your truck or SUV. They are installed to provide additional coverage for heavily oversized or offset tires and wheels. When drivers install offset or oversized wheels, they run the risk of their wheels picking up rocks and shooting them onto the cars behind them. In order to avoid such damage, it is enforced by law to install a fender flap if you have oversized or offset custom wheels on your vehicle. Trucks or SUVs usually install fender flares to make sure that they are compliant with Vehicle Equipment Laws.

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4. Tonneau Cover

The most common usage of a tonneau cover is to protect everything you’re hauling in your vehicle and safely transport your luggage. Whether you’re going on a family trip, hauling furniture or transporting equipment, a tonneau cover will protect them from snow, rain, wind or any other external element that can cause damage.

(As you know, having year-round protection in Canada is crucial.)

A tonneau cover also ensures that your cargo is out of sight from potential thieves and is a great step in protecting whatever is in your truck’s bed. Most tonneau covers also come with a form of locking mechanism that provides extra protection.

5. Mud Flaps

Mud flaps go a long way to reduce the damage of gravel and debris to the lower painted panels on your vehicle. They are often paired with fender flares to keep dirt and stones from flying onto the cars behind you. Typically, mud flaps are attached to the underside of the vehicle or right behind the wheel to extend the wheel well downward. There are also hitch-mounted mud flaps for more protection if needed. Generally, if you’re driving a stock vehicle on a clean, paved surface, you wouldn’t need to add mud flaps. However, if you’re customizing the wheels of your truck or SUV and often drive on uneven terrain, installing mud flaps is necessary.

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