Advantages Of Having 2 Sets Of Rims

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An article on the advantages of having two sets of rims, you say? Well, we can go way beyond that. Get 10 sets of rims! Have a different set for every day of the week! Treat your rims like you treat accessories for your outfits, swapping them out depending on your mood, what you’re doing for the day…

We can dream, anyway. Obviously, rims aren’t so easy to put on and take off that having a bunch of different sets of rims is necessarily a good idea. Having two sets, on the other hand, is a great idea here in Canada. There are two seasons in most places around the country - winter and construction. And you need a set of rims for each season.

Not sold on winter tires yet? Well, let’s get that out of the way first, then we’ll talk about why you need two sets of rims.

The advantages of winter tires

The advantage of winter tires in Calgary is clear - you’ll slip around less in the winter time. We know most people here are experienced drivers who have done their share of off-roading. That means we know that you know how much different tires can affect performance. A good set of winter tires will seriously improve traction.

Consumer Reports shows that across the board, winter tires perform better in the cold. Keep in mind that these tires aren’t just for snowy conditions - they’re made specifically to handle lower temperatures better.

Insurance companies realize this, and a bunch of different insurers across Canada may give you a discount on your premium for using winter tires.

“Great”, we hear you saying, “Winter tires are handy. Tell me something I don’t know”.

Alright, we will!

Winter rims are handy, too

The type of wheel you buy in the winter is relevant. There are wheels that are specifically designed for winter driving - they’re often made of steel, but you can find alloy wheels that fit the bill too.

Some summer rims aren’t built to handle the salt, sand, and other grime that builds up under and around the snow each winter. Winter rims, on the other hand, are made to stand up to just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them - at that means they’ll last longer.

A lot of drivers are also getting tire pressure sensors installed for their winter set - if that’s your plan, make sure your winter rims are designed so tire pressure sensor installation is simple.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just swap the tires on my existing rims?

Cheaper is in the eye of the beholder. Swapping tires from rim to rim takes a lot longer than swapping the wheels whole, even if you know what you’re doing. What’s more, every single time you swap the tire, you risk damaging it. If you’re going to have summer and winter tires, you’ll need two sets of rims.

Now if you’re looking to buy rims in Calgary - or pretty much anywhere else in Canada - we’re here to help. We’ve got rims designed for winter driving. And if your existing rims are perfect for winter driving? Well, then we can get you new rims for summer driving - we could even do an offset, if that sounds like something you’d like.

We love to give our customers options - and winter rims are one option we highly encourage you to take us up on.