The Advantages Of Lift Kits

Blog Post

Have you ever wanted your vehicle to have more ground clearance? Have you wanted to soar above other drivers? Want to see further ahead in traffic, like that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where Larry meets the inventor of a car periscope? Do you love off-roading?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a lift kit might just be for you.

We’re going to talk about the advantages of lift kits, but before we do, it’s important that you understand the types of lift kits that are available. Let’s start with that:

Body lift kits and suspension lift kits

You can use lift kits to raise the body of your vehicle or to raise the suspension. With body lift kits, the body of the vehicle is lifted away from the frame. Suspension lift kits, true to their name, lift the entire suspension of the vehicle.

Suspension lift kits are generally more expensive because they all work differently depending on the nature of your vehicle’s suspension. They offer a number of advantages, however:

  • They can lift your vehicle over a foot (body lifts can typically only lift the body a few inches)
  • They look better (there are no gaps between the body and frame)
  • They can improve the performance of your vehicle

This article is going to focus on the advantages of suspension lift kits - though some of the advantages we list will apply to body lift kits as well!

The pros of suspension lift kits

Off-roading is a breeze

The most obvious advantage to lift kits is that you’ll have more clearance - and more clearance means better off-roading. Large rocks, fallen trees, and other obstacles are less likely to damage your vehicle.

What’s more, being higher up means a better view of what’s around you, making it easier to navigate potential obstacles.

Street driving gets better, too

There’s a lot of evidence that situational awareness is important for driving - but you don’t need Harvard to tell you that. It’s obvious.

When you’re higher off the ground, you can see ahead in traffic. That means you’ll be able to spot the person driving erratically 5 cars in front of you. You’ll also be ready to brake when vehicles far ahead of you are starting to slow down. The more information you have, the better - suspension lift kits help with that.

Repairs and modifications made easy

Want bigger tires? With a suspension lift kit, you can have them. More clearance means more room - and while you might not go Monster Truck size, bigger tires can mean better handling and much improved off-roading.

And if you’re the kind of person who's interested in a lift kit in the first place, we’re going to go out on a limb and assume you’re the kind of person who likes working on your vehicle. Great news - when your vehicle is lifted, it’s much easier to access its underside and get work done.

Enhanced appearance

There’s no accounting for taste but it’s rare to meet anyone who doesn’t appreciate the look of a lifted vehicle. With all of the practical advantages and the boost to your vehicle’s visual appeal, what’s not to like?

Our tire shop in Fort Saskatchewan has all kinds of lift kits available. We’re confident we’ll have the right one for you. So stop on in, take a look at what we’ve got, and talk to our expert technicians if you want advice on the right lift kit for your needs. We’ve got you covered.