Are Fender Flares Worth It? Canada Custom Autoworks Weighs In

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For some Canadian automotive enthusiasts, Fender Flares can seem like a pointless investment for their rides. However, at Canada Custom Autoworks, we couldn't disagree more. Depending on your vehicle, driving preference, and overall build, Fender Flares can be an essential investment that not only protects your ride but also other drivers on the road.

Next, we will explain further why Fender Flares are worth the investment. Keep reading to find out more!

Why Fender Flares are Worthwhile

Like any aftermarket upgrade or modification of your vehicle, determining whether or not to invest in said accessories depends entirely on you, your preferences and your driving style. Fender Flares protect other drivers and vehicles from rocks, debris, and dirt thrown off by your oversized or offset wheels or road conditions. Not to mention, they can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your ride, giving it a more aggressive look.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, depending on your circumstances and vehicle, we believe that Fender Flares are worth the investment. For instance:

Does your vehicle have oversized or offset tires?

Do you live or regularly drive on gravel roads?

Do you like the appearance of Fender Flares?

If you answer "Yes" to any of the above questions, Fender Flares from Canada Custom Autoworks are worth it!

Understanding Fender Flare Styles

When it comes to Fender Flares from Canada Custom Autoworks, we proudly carry a wide variety of styles from leading brands such as Bushwacker and Enthuze. Here is a quick overview of the various styles we stock:

  • Bolt-On: Rather than mounting to your vehicle by drilling holes in your vehicle's fenders and quarter panels, these Fender Flares mount using factory holes and faux bolt heads set into the plastic, giving your ride a bolted-on look.
  • Pocket: Similar to Bolt-On Fender Flares, Pocket Fender Flares mount using deep, recessed bolt pockets that line the fender's outer diameter, enhancing the bolted-on look and style.
  • Extra-Wide: This style provides extra coverage (typically up to 2-3") to protect your ride's paint job, making them perfect for vehicles with extra wide wheels.
  • Paint-Matched: Available in many styles, Painted Fender Flares come pre-painted to match your vehicle's body, offering a custom look.
  • Smooth: These Fender Flares give your ride that extra touch of sophistication by providing a clean and sleek appearance.

At Canada Custom Autoworks, our massive inventory of Fender Flares and aftermarket automotive accessories is here to ensure our fellow Canadians can drive away in style. If you have any questions regarding our inventory of Fender Flares or are unsure which style would best suit your ride, feel free to visit one of our 11 locations!

So, Why Choose Canada Custom Autoworks?

With decades of combined experience under our belts, Canada Custom Autoworks is your all-Canadian automotive aftermarket rim, tire, wheel and accessory dealer. With our massive inventory of wheels and tires from leading manufacturers and flexible financing options, we can make outfitting your ride with the hottest accessories, tires, and rims easy. Whether you're working on a project show car or upgrading your off-roader to greater thrills, Canada Custom Autoworks has you covered. Let our fitment specialists help you outfit your ride today without breaking the bank!

Ready to Outfit Your Ride?

With Fender Flare options from leading brands like Bushwacker and Enthuze, Canada Custom Autoworks is sure to have the right ones for your ride. Visit your local Canada Custom Autoworks' showroom or contact us today to learn more about our Fender Flares inventory or flexible financing options.