Find the Right Winter Rims for Your Truck: Meet Armed Offroad

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At Canada Custom Autoworks, we know that getting your truck winter-ready includes more than just finding the right winter tires; it also means getting the right winter rims. With our massive inventory of aftermarket rims, tires, and accessories, outfitting your truck with industry-leading wheels and accessories is easy! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about what you should look for when shopping for winter rims. Keep reading to find out more!

Practical Considerations for Winter Rims

When it comes to winter rims, you should prioritize performance and purpose rather than aesthetics. Your truck’s winter rims will inevitably get dirty, wet, and iced over as you drive down icy and snowy roads. So, rather than spending extra on flashy rims that will get dinged and dirty, you can save some money by keeping it simple. Also, by having a set of winter rims with quality winter tires, you can protect your head-turning summer rims and tires from getting damaged in the winter, thereby increasing the lifespan of your wheels and tires while still showing off the aesthetics of your truck.

Why Choose a Matte Black Finish

Once you decide on the style or brand of winter rims you want for your truck, the next thing you should consider is the finish. We recommend choosing a matte black finish for your winter rims at Canada Custom Autoworks because they are easier to maintain than other finishes.

Also, matte black rims are more forgiving when it comes to minor blemishes and dirt accumulation, meaning you won’t have to clean or touch them up as often, and they’ll look great for longer. And if you prefer a sleek, modern, yet low-key look, matte black rims will be the right choice for you!

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we have a massive selection of matte black rims perfect for any truck’s winter rims. In particular, Armed Offroad Wheels has a fantastic range of affordable rim options that are sure to meet your winter driving needs. Across our 11 locations, two models have attracted the attention of several truck enthusiasts.

Below is a brief overview of the Armed Offroad Cannon and Frontline rims.

Armed Offroad Cannon:

From traversing rugged mountainous terrains to snowy trails, the Armed Offroad Cannon rims are designed to withstand rough roads and cold climates. With these winter rims, your truck will be ready to handle almost anything Mother Nature throws at you.

  • Available Sizes: 20x9
  • Finishes: Matte Black, White Face, Matte Black Milled, Matte Black Milled + Writing, Matte Black + Writing
  • Lug Fitment: 5, 6, or 8

Armed Offroad Frontline:

Designed with both offroaders and the North American climate in mind, the Armed Offroad Frontline rims are a durable winter rim option. With these beadlock rims, your truck will be prepared for even the roughest winter weather.

  • Available Sizes: 18x9, 20x9
  • Finishes: Matte Black, Gloss Black Machined
  • Lug fitment: 6

Ready to Outfit Your Truck?

Armed Offroad matte black rims make the perfect winter rims for a wide range of trucks and large SUVs. With Canada Custom Autoworks’ flexible financing options, we can make outfitting your truck a breeze! Also, we don’t require any credit checks, you don’t have to waste time waiting on approvals, and there are no penalties for early payouts.

So what are you waiting for? 

Contact Canada Custom Autoworks or visit us in-store today to pick up your next set of Armed Offroad winter rims!