Get Noticed with Niche Rims from Canada Custom Autoworks

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Are you looking for new rims that will make your ride look incredible? At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are proud to offer Niche rims. Niche rims are versatile in style and size and sure to be eye-catching. With options for financing available at Canada Custom Autoworks, our team is confident you'll find the perfect rims for your vehicle. Next, we'll explore Niche rims and some of our top models at Canada Custom Autoworks. Continue reading to find out more!

What Do They Offer?

Niche rims are available in a massive range of styles and sizes. So regardless if you own a truck or car, Niche has you covered. Sizes range from 17" to 24", and every set comes with your choice of finish. But with an endless array of finishes on models ranging from one-piece construction to three-piece modular, the Canada Custom Autoworks team understands if you have a hard time choosing! Niche rims are built tough and designed to be noticed. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we are proud to offer a variety of Niche rims.

Our Offering of Niche Rims

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we take pride in providing a range of Niche rims. From select rims that'll look incredible on your American muscle car to the perfect rims that compliment the look of your import, Canada Custom Autoworks has the Niche rims you need! In addition, our team of specialists can assist you with determining the correct size and style your vehicle needs. We can even install them in our in-house shops. Next are just a few of the Niche rims available in-store and online!

Milan Model Rims

One of the most popular model series by Niche is their Milan rims. These rims take the classic 5-spoke design and give it a new look with a modern edge. You'll likely spot Niche Milan rims on classic and modern muscle cars alike. Available from 18" to 20" tires, these Niche rims are at the top of many car enthusiasts' wishlists. Let's look at two models in particular:

  • Milan M134: Available in brushed/ gloss black, black and machined with dark tint, silver/ machined, and candy red, these rims are perfect for those looking for a unique but not overtly flashy look.
  • Milan M135: Available in brushed/ gloss black, silver/ machined, black and machined with dark tint, and candy red, these rims are for automotive enthusiasts that want a bit of pop. These are also great options to replace chrome-style wheels.

Sector Model Rims

If you're looking for a simple, clean design that will still turn heads, Nich Sector rims are a great option. These thin 10-spoke designed rims are an awesome way to show off your name-brand brakes. Let's be honest, why have a stunning set of brake callipers if you can't show them off? Three Sector rim models we'd like to highlight are as follows:

  • Sector M196: Available in satin black, gloss anthracite, and candy red, these Niche rims are designed for owners who want a sleek and straightforward design with complimentary colour options.
  • Sector M197: Available in gloss anthracite, satin black, and candy red, these rims take that same simple design but add highlights that will show off every detail and really brings your ride's look altogether.
  • Sector M213: Available in candy red, satin black, and gloss anthracite, these rims are for car owners who want to grab everyone's attention. The candy red finish, in particular, is a show stopper and a must-have for any build.

Shop for Niche Rims Today!

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we pride ourselves on being your Canadian distributor of a wide range of wheels, tires, rims, and accessories. We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms and tire centres across Western Canada to see our product offering up close! Our team of fitment specialists is here to help you find the perfect rims and wheels for your ride. Ready to learn more about Niche rims? Contact us today!