Hit the (Off) Road With Zone Lift Kits!

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Ready to hit rough terrain and explore the outdoors like never before? Zone lift kits have you covered! Designed for all things rugged and tough to explore, Zone lift kits and suspension have the durability you need to navigate confidently. With multiple locations across Western Canada, Canada Custom Autoworks is proud to offer leading accessories and solutions for drivers, including zone lift kits.

If you’ve been considering adding a lift kit to your vehicle, below we’ll highlight some key questions to keep in mind, as well as the benefits of choosing Zone Lift kits. Read on to learn more!

What to Ask Before Buying Your Lift Kit

Lift kits serve multiple purposes, with most drivers choosing them based on both looks and functionality. To make sure you get the best fit for your exact purposes. Questions to keep in mind include:

What Do You Use Your Car for Most?

You’d be surprised how many people purchase lift kits without stopping to consider the main functionality of their car. While off-road enthusiasts absolutely benefit from a boost, regular commuters and day-to-day drivers may find that jacked-up tires and excessive height aren’t all that beneficial. Consider the main use of your vehicle as well as your hobbies and know what areas could present hazards when selecting your kit. For example, an elevated centre of gravity can pose unnecessary risks if you do a lot of hauling, and those who use the bed of their truck regularly may get tired of having to use steps or a crane to load things due to your kit being lifted.


As with any car mod, budget plays a big role in deciding the best fit for your needs. Body lift kits are a little cheaper than suspension units, but they may not give you the handling and overall boost you need for off-roading in your Jeep or truck. With lift kits, especially if you’re going for performance over looks, it’s important to remember quality over quantity and that sticking to trusted brands like Zone Lifts is important for safety and longevity.

Get the Right Parts

When you modify your vehicle, it’s essential to ensure that all components line up and play well together. Lifting your car means needing shocks that can take the added bounce of a higher suspension, and having the right tires to fit your adjusted model is key for better handling and traction.

FAQ: Do bigger tires affect my mileage? Yes, at least somewhat. Bigger tires can use more gas because of the extra weight that needs to be propelled while in motion. If you’re particularly concerned about mileage, you may be best suited to a smaller kit and tires that are slightly larger than stock at most.

Zone Lift Kits at Canada Custom Autoworks

At Canada Custom Autoworks, we stand by the quality of our products and services 100%. We choose to partner with manufacturers we know you can trust to perform exactly as needed when it matters most. That’s why we’re proud to carry Zone lift and suspension kits for off-road enthusiasts. With a well-known reputation for excellence and long-lasting performance, Zone kits are a great addition to any vehicle!

Learn more about Zone Lift Kits and our extensive range of auto accessories by contacting our team today!