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Looking for tires you can trust to perform in every situation and give you the handling power you want on the road? Toyo tires have you covered! As a brand that continues to grow and popularity with an impressive roster of options to match almost every driver. Canada Custom Autoworks is proud to carry a wide range of Toyo products and to highlight this fantastic manufacturer for those considering seasonal or performance-minded tire upgrades.

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Toyo Basics

Founded in 1949 in Japan, Toyo tires is known for its high-quality all-season, winter, all-terrain, and performance tires. With a sister company called Nitto tires, Toyo tires now operate a Canadian subsidiary out of Richmond, BC. Toyo takes pride in being innovative and has a worldwide reputation that has left them consistently named as the #1 overall brand by tire dealers across North America.

Something For Everyone

Toyo knows that variety is key for performance, and with multiple lines designed for different purposes, finding your perfect fit is simple. Toyo tires are known for their exceptional traction, making them ideal for Canadian winters and seasonal shifts. With models available at affordable price points and Nano Balance technology that aids with fuel efficiency, hitting the road with Toyo is fun and budget approved!

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Spotlight On: Winter Tires

As any Canadian driver knows, winter tires make a significant difference when it comes to getting the traction you need with snow and ice on the ground. We carry four Toyo-branded winter tires: the Open Country WLT1, Observe GSI5, Observe GSI-6, and Observe G3-ICE. Perfect for adverse conditions, these tires give you the grip you need to stay safe and navigate with peace of mind all season long!

Off-Roading Tires

Toyo offers a wide range of off-road tires, including their Open Country MT and Open Country AT3 lines. Designed with the same exceptional quality you'd expect from Toyo, you'll enjoy excellent traction, handling, and performance in tough terrains.

Toyo Tires at Canada Custom Autoworks

With decades of experience and industry-leading products at each of our stores across Canada, Canada Custom Autoworks give you access to tires you can trust to perform in any circumstance. Alongside Toyo, we also provide exclusive deals on a broad selection of tires from some of the biggest brands in the market and services you can depend on when it matters most.

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