How Custom Offsets Impact Your Vehicle Beyond Appearances

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Custom wheel offsets can make your ride's stance more aggressive and make it stand out from the crowd. However, they can also unexpectedly impact several other parts of your vehicle. At Canada Custom Autoworks, we've been helping our fellow Canadian car enthusiasts upgrade their rides with quality automotive aftermarket tires, rims, lift kits, and more.

Next, we will explain how custom wheel offsets impact your vehicle's performance and components. Keep reading to find out more.


When you alter your vehicle's wheel offset, the center of its gravity will also change, impacting your ride's overall maneuverability. This is why incorrectly altering your wheel offsets can make your road experience far more dangerous, as your vehicle may experience greater instability while making turns or moving at high speeds. That's why when you want to add custom offsets to your vehicle, it's crucial to get it done by the experts at Canada Custom Autoworks, as we can ensure your safety and control while out on the road or trails.

Steering Response

As mentioned before, custom offsets will not only change your ride's appearance but can also impact your steering response. Altering your wheel offset may result in reduced or slower responsiveness when turning the steering wheel, potentially negatively impacting your ability to maneuver your vehicle. Not to mention, if a custom offset is installed wrong, it may result in your tires coming into contact with your fenders or suspension, potentially damaging them. However, when custom offsets are correctly installed, you shouldn't notice a dramatic change in your handling capabilities.


Another thing your custom wheel offsets can impact is your vehicle's power performance. If the incorrect custom offsets are installed on your ride, it can disrupt your vehicle's propulsion and driving capabilities. This is because the weight dispersion of your ride will be altered depending on the severity of your custom offset, thereby impacting how energy is delivered to your wheels. However, when installed correctly, the impact on your vehicle's power and performance shouldn't be that noticeable.


Another way custom wheel offsets can impact your vehicle is by affecting its braking performance. When you change the offset of your vehicle's wheels, you also alter how your brakes will engage and where weight is distributed when stopping. Custom offsets may lead to longer deceleration times and distances and potentially greater wear on your vehicle's brake pads and other components when installed incorrectly. This is why working with expert technicians like the ones at Canada Custom Autoworks is crucial, as our team can ensure your custom offsets are installed safely and properly.

Tire Wear

Finally, one of the last areas custom offsets can impact is your car's tires. Custom wheel offsets change the wheel's angle when attached to your vehicle, changing how your tires are used on the road and their lifespan. Incorrectly installed custom wheel offsets may cause uneven or faster deterioration of your tires, resulting in the need for more replacements.

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